Thursday, August 1, 2013

Parting Gifts

We received some very sweet, totally non-tangible, parting gifts our last few days in Haiti.  I don't want to forget the sweet send-off we received.

Our last Sunday, Pastor John and our church at Port-au-Prince Fellowship prayed for us.  Then, as if we didn't think the world of Pastor John already, he scored some mega cool points for rolling up to our house on his moto our last day there for one last good-bye.  Seriously, this man of God is one cool dude.  

After months of visiting our neighbors Ginette and Phillip's shop across the street from our gate to buy Cocas and Bon-Bons, we were invited into their home.  This is a huge honor that communicates a level of trust.  We were honored.  Also, we're pretty sure they didn't understand my attempt to explain to them we were moving back to the U.S. in my rudimentary Kreyol.
Ginette and Phillip's three children, their oldest has her mother's smile!

All of our worldly possessions... they fit nicely in exactly 14 pieces of checked luggage.

I purchased our plane tickets back to Arizona.  I sat in front of the computer screen for about thirty minutes feeling like a total idiot because I couldn't figure out why First Class tickets were $130 cheaper per person than coach.  I closed the computer and resigned to come back later when I wasn't such a moron.  I came back to the task several hours later and discovered that yet again, I couldn't read American Airlines fine print concerning ticket prices.  I booked the cheaper first class tickets assuming that I would either get an email confirmation for coach tickets, or one saying I owed more money for the swanky seats.  Turns out, God's goodness can surpass our expectations, because the tickets were indeed for first class tickets that were $130 cheaper per person than the seats with no leg room.  My kids wiped their faces with that hot towel like a boss, while snacking on warm nuts as they waited for their movie to start and meal to be served.  Then, like rock stars, we reclined to a completely flat position and thought of all those suckers behind the curtain who paid more than us for no towel, nuts, meal on a glass plate, or bed chair.  It was the most luxurious and delightful day of plane flying with three children in the history of The Krull Family.  One downside, my kids have been ruined for coach flying and think this is how we roll now.  Rude awakening to come.

We had sweet last visits with Haiti friends.  Lots of swimming and trampoline jumping with favorite friends and sad "don't know when we'll see each other again" goodbyes.  I know from experience that being the one who is leaving is easier than the one who is staying.  I pray for our missionary friends and their children, for whom these goodbyes become a way of life.

We got to run up to Indigo Bay for one last dip in the beautiful caribbean ocean.  We spent the day snorkling, hunting for sand dollars, swimming, sun bathing, and digging.  We also had some funny conversations with the beach vendors and enjoyed some of the best pickliz we ever had.  I took zero pictures because we were too busy enjoying the day.

PAP airport, homeward bound

Many unknowns in our future back in the U.S., but trusting God and taking it a day at a time.  We'll update more when we get settled in Michigan.  Thank you for praying for us and all of the supportive and encouraging emails, cards, and messages!