Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cat's Out of the Bag

Finally I can share the excuse why I HAVE NOT...

1. kept up with my blog lately

2. cleaned my house

3. done laundry

4. returned emails

5. returned phone calls

And why I HAVE...

1. been so sleepy

2. been so sick

3. been so cranky

4. let my kids watch hours on end of mindless cartoons

5. relinquished any and all family responsibilities to my poor Gary

Yes Ma'am, that there is Baby Krull #3, due to make his or her appearance in October! So, I'm sure many of you are relieved that I have not just let myself go and become one mega slob... just a couple months of constant ever-present extreme nausea... no big whoop.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am...

I am.... feeling blessed, yet totally exhausted.

I think... listening to my kids play together until 9am, while Gary and I lay in bed was the best way to start our day

I cleaning

I dream... of projects, and time enough to complete them without neglecting more important things, like my kids

I want... the summer to come soon

I know...God is sovereign, I just need to trust

I don't like... feeling pukey

I smell... everything

I hear... the neighbor's insanely yippy little white dog... again.

I fear... not doing my best

I my hair... but not this month.

I search... for truth

I miss... the absence of responsibility of childhood, but would never want to go back

I always... brush my teeth before going to bed

I regret... not learning how to budget our money when we were first married

I wonder... what my kids will be like as adults

I crave... a massage, facial, mani/pedi... pretty much a day revolved around pampering myself

I remember... to flush, I wish my boy would too

I need... a venti iced non-fat no whip iced peppermint white mocha, or a nap

I forget... to throw the lint from the dryer away, and it drives Gary nuts

I feel... pukey

I can... do all things through Christ who strengthens me

I can't... believe my baby girl will be three in a few short weeks

I am happy... when I am with my family, especially Sundays

I lose... sleep when I have a long to-do list

I sing... really well in my head

I listen... to my instincts

I shop... for groceries, and that's about it

I eat... cadbury cream eggs at Easter time, and love it.

I love... that Sweetpea is FINALLY potty trained

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It's here! We have grass! It is beautiful and Gary worked so hard on Saturday to finish the job.

It was at this point (1/2 of a row of grass later) that Sweetpea asked, "We have grass. Can we get a dog now?"
Yay!!! I just want to roll in it!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


After Seven years of home-ownership, we're finally getting grass! We have been yard-less (that is, our yard has just been dirt) the entire time we have owned our home. My poor deprived children have never been able to go out in their own backyard to play! Saturday it all changes, the sod is being delivered... let the slip-n-sliding, gardening, cookouts, rolling, jumping, merriment begin!

For some reason, the fact that we're getting the same kind of grass that they use for the Diamondbacks' Chase Field makes it just a little bit more exciting for Goofball (and me too;). Pictures to come!

I know, I know... this is probably only exciting to us Krulls, and possibly our close friends and family :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Flying Tomato

I went in for a "trim" two weeks ago, and came out with the Worst Haircut of My Life. Worse even, than the Double Haircut Debacle of 2000 (if you knew me then, you would know what I was talking about). I've been trying to live with it for the past two weeks, and I can keep silent no longer.

Dear Jade (yes that's her real name),

I am seething angry at you for completely sabotaging my attempt to grow out my hair. You used your fancy lingo, tools, and products to mask this horrendous cut until I washed my hair and apparently "undid" anything remotely positive about this haircut. It is hideous. I am officially breaking up with you.

Good day. -Michaela

My worst fears were affirmed last night, when I vented to Gary for the 209th time since this incident, and then he innocently asks, "What exactly did you tell her you wanted?" WHAT?! I assure you it wasn't this mess. Yes, Jade, you see me, being a brunette young-ish mother, I would sincerely like to look just like Shaun White... pretty pretty please. Are you kidding?! I said, and I quote..." I just want a trim", and I walked out with bangs that go around the entire perimeter of my head. I can't even ride out the next few months of growing it out with a ponytail... because my circular bangs are too short.

Seriously... just throw an American flag around my shoulders and call me Shaun.

Jade, let's hope, for your sake, we don't meet in a dark alley. I'm pretty scrappy.
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