Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Shower Tea

This weekend, two of my friends and I hosted a baby shower tea for our friend Kari. It was beautiful, despite the gray weather we had outside. Guests sipped on hot tea, munched on some light food, and made a scrapbook of wishes and words of advice for the new baby girl. And a side note... Kari is the type of pregnant woman who makes other women sooooo jealous. She is gorgeous, and only looks prego from the side. So not fair! Congratulations Kari! We can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl next month!

For more pictures, visit Kari's Blog!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Redbud Design Giveaway

Is your blog in dire need of a makeover? Do you have an event you are just dying for some "to die for" invitations? Head over to Redbud designs and enter Sharon's giveaway. She is truly gifted and you'll think she's just as talented as I think she is!

Redbud Designs

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This just may have been the best Valentines weekend of my life, truly. No jewelry was received, no out of town get-aways, just perfect for us. Our weekend-o-love started off on Friday night. The Crazies spent the night with Grammy and Pappy, and Gary and I went to a marriage conference at a church nearby. Friday night was a great dinner and speaker, then home... to an empty house. We stayed up late talking, and even hit up Taco Bell at midnight... because we could. Romantic. Saturday morning we went back to church and learned more about strengthening our marriage. It was so inspiring to see so many couples committed to loving one another and learning to make their families stronger by first making their marriage stronger. It is a crucial lesson to be reminded of, to put God first, THEN our spouse, THEN our children.

After the different sessions were over, we picked up The Crazies and got ready for our Date Nights. Gary took Sweetpea on a Daddy/Daughter date, and The Goofball and I headed out for our own Mommy/Son date. A few weeks ago, Gary heard about a Daddy/Daughter Date Night hosted by Chick-Fil-A (just another reason why I love the philosophy behind this company!), complete with table service, pictures, and goody bags. So after dinner there, they headed to Bass Pro Shop to look at the fish (Daddy of course loves that he's training up kids who love to fish!) and then to a little gelato place nearby.

Goofball's plan for the night included dinner at Olive Garden, ice cream, then out to the movies. We had to revamp his big itinerary, and instead headed to Pei Wei and Baskin Robbins, then home to cuddle and watch a movie. He kept saying through the whole date, "I just love spending time with my favorite mom." He even opened the door for me everywhere we went. This boy is going to make a great husband for some young lady someday!

Our weekend continues tomorrow with a hike on South Mountain in some glorious 75 degree weather and a day off for everyone! Hope your weekend was just as special to you!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Too Early for Spring?

I do love Winter. Mostly because I'm an Arizona girl and I love Arizona Winters. I'm sorry to those of you enduring blizzards this weekend, but it's supposed to be 75 degrees and gorgeous this weekend, so I'm declaring it Spring in the Krull Househould. I announced Spring's arrival with this fun wreath I made. I found some similar wreaths on Etsy, that were absolutely perfect and unique and beautiful, but I decided to make my own version. So, with that said, Happy Early Spring!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1120 threads, and counting...

I did it, well halfway at least. After 336 strips of fabric cut, 2016 straight lines sewn, 1120 threads trimmed, and 56 squares ironed, I'm finally ready to sew my quilt top together. So I'm halfway to completing my first quilt. I'm beat, so I needed to encourage myself a bit. I can't wait to share the finished project!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr. Love

I really appreciate a homemade Valentine, and if I can help it, we will be a homemade Valentine family for as long as my children will allow it (and even then, I will always make my own). There is something so special about heart shaped doilies and glitter, I'm quite giddy just thinking about it. So today, we set up the assembly line and the Crazies helped make Valentines for Goofball's class, Grandparents, Uncle Michael, Aunt Katie, and my 5th graders. After they went to nap (although, as I type this, "Sweetpea" is screaming for the 287th day in a row before she passes out from exhaustion... but that's another post).

I wanted to do something different for Gary this year, so I'm making him 100 "Love Potion Pills"... here's what you need:
* 100 water soluble pill capsules (I got mine from Whole Foods in the medicinal area... don't ask me why someone might want to make their own medicine, I'm just glad to be able to buy them)
* 100 thin strips of paper (pink, red, white)
* 100 reasons why I love Gary

First, write a special sentiment on the first strip of paper. Next, tightly roll it up. Last, open capsule and insert paper. Repeat 100 times. When I'm done, I'm going to package them up in a cute jar and he has 100 days of loving affirmations from his adoring wife. If you have a cute Valentine idea, leave the link here! I do love a good Valentine!
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