Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heard Around the House: October 2013

An Original Poem, by Noah

Fall is wonderful
Fall is grand
When Fall is here its a wonderland
All the leaves, the joy never ends
We must be thankful for the fun nature lends

Presley, reading a book with a pull-up on her head, like you do.


"nectarinas"-  nectarines
"parrots"- pears
"the woodens"- the woods
"amen"- the end
"sparklers"- sprinkles or glitter
"beanie bag"- beanie (hat)

Presley, on a hike:  "My legs are no use!"

Noah, after visiting the Principal's office at school 
(I feel the need to include he wasn't in trouble):
"Now I'm not scared of her... I looked around her office and there was more than five pink things.  There's no way someone with that many pink things can be mean."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I LOVE Haitian Creations (And I Think You Should Too)

Once upon a time, when I was significantly cooler and well-kept, I was consistently cute.  Every day I got dressed in real clothes, put on make-up, did more than brush my hair, and was very attentive to the shape my eyebrows were in.  If my looks were a bell curve, I would have peaked in my hottness factor in the year 2001 while I was actively pursuing The Most Attractive Man I've Ever Seen In Real Life (that's Gary, FYI).  Then, my cool factor took a sharp turn south, where it hovered for roughly nine years while I selflessly gave life to three beautiful, yet needy, little time and money suckers.  I have been on the rise once more, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I will be cool again.

Let me share a secret... every single accessory I own right now comes from Haitian Creations.  So, as I battle the opposing forces of age and natural lameness in my quest for feeling more put together, I try to always throw on a few bracelets or a unique necklace as I head out the door to up my cool quotient.  I already love the way my Haitian Creations jewelry and bags look, but because I know the story behind them, I adore them even more.

I have written before about my anguish for children becoming orphans based on poverty.  After living in Haiti, and feeling at times that I was part of the bigger problem, I can clearly see that Haitian Creations, a branch of Heartline Ministries in Haiti, was part of the solution.  Women (and a few men!) use their God given talents and creativity to earn a legitimate income, therefore becoming capable of providing and caring for their children.  To hand out money or create non--sustainable (and in affect "fake") jobs for people, robs them of their work ethic, culture, and dignity.  Haitian Creations offers skill training, with room for creativity, and culturally appropriate jobs.  When you purchase an artisan made piece from Haitian Creations, it doesn't just look good, but it is good.  Also, I want to adamantly point out that this isn't a "pity purchase".  You know that ones I'm talking about... you buy something that you really don't even like, nor do you plan to ever actually use because you don't like the way it's made or the way it looks.  Heck, it might even be downright ugly, but you bought it because some of the proceeds went to help someone in need.   Every item I own from Haitian Creations, I actually love to wear.  It is a quality item, with a modern style, and as a bonus, I know that it is helping another momma, be a momma.  My money provides a job for someone, and allows her the autonomy to raise her children and use her gifts.

Haitian Creations is generously allowing me to give away an unique bag to one lucky reader!  
There are several ways to enter below, but if you want an extra bunch of entries, host a shopping party.  I hosted one a couple years ago, but they are even better now with amazing new products!  It is really easy, everything you need comes in one big box, you host a girls night (or mother/daughter night, because they have kid stuff too!) and let your friends buys some really great gifts for themselves or others.  This would be great to plan this fall, just in time for Christmas!

Enter the giveaway below, and spread the word!  Winner announced next week!