Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inquiring Minds

So I'm pretty sure I've established that I am a big huge procrastinator.  Gary finds it irresistible and thinks my last minute freak outs are just adorable.  It has never been a marital issue.**

This Sunday, we will be speaking at my friends, Gabe and Aiko's, church in Lancaster, California.  Now, we've told our story a time or two, and are pretty comfortable by now sharing the story of how we came to the decision to move our family to Haiti.  You may think we've procrastinated in planning what we're going to talk about, but no, you would be wrong this time.  We have the rough outline... and we still have a few days to iron it out.  

What I would love from you is to share any specific details of our story you think might be important to include,  questions you would want us to answer, information about our pasts, or anything you might wonder if two strange non-preacher missionary gonna-be's showed up to speak at your church on a Sunday morning.

Okay... so get to commenting, would ya?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday

I've grew up going to church and yet until this past year, I never heard the answer to the question, "What is the Bible?"  I mean, I know what the Bible is, but if someone had ever asked me before, I would have stumbled on voicing the answer.  I like the simple explanation of, the Bible is the story of God's love worked out through the redemption of His people.  Plain as that.  


an act of redeeming  or the state of being redeemed.
deliverance; rescue.
Theology deliverance from sin; salvation.
atonement for guilt.
repurchase, as of something sold.

I looked around church this morning and for some reason, this truth struck me and made me all emotional.  God is still at work.  He is still redeeming the lives of those who love Him.  Church is full of people who have made big huge honking mistakes, people who are victims of other people's choices, people who have struggled with unhealthy habits, broken marriages, financial ruin.  And you know what?  God is redeeming these lives, making them beautiful once again.  I only know the stories of a fraction of people in that room this morning, and I see beauty from what was once ugliness.  Their stories are beautiful.  They show God's mercy, God's healing, God's love.  

I am so thankful to be a story of God's redeeming grace.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here We Go, Again

Here we go again... moving.  Some genius booked a trip to California, a move, a trip to Michigan, a trip to Haiti, and another trip to California, with no time to catch our breath in between.  I am an award winning scheduler I tell you!  I should be someone's personal assistant.
So, this is what our home looks like once again.  This time, we're sorting boxes to go into storage, boxes to live out of for 10 more days, Goodwill piles, and boxes to send to Haiti.  I'll be thrilled to settle into one spot soon.
I'm so mentally worn out I don't even have the energy to object to this little hipster and her wacka-doo wardrobe choices.  It was 115 degrees out ya'll... clearly she needed the hat.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

D Equals Diploma

Yesterday in the mail I received the quarterly Alumni magazine from my alma mater.  I went to a small college, so I enjoy reading it because I usually recognize at least one or two people every time.  So... I'm flipping through this bad boy waiting for my clothes to dry at my parents' laundromat, when lo and behold, I spot the man who, besides my friend Candace, was the only witness to my most embarrassing college moment. 
To truly appreciate the predicament I got myself into, I'll have to give some back story.  It was the last semester of my college career.  I put off "Chemistry in Society" for three and a half years for one reason: my brain does not understand science.  Like if you start talking molecules or chemical reactions, I'm staring into space picturing kittens riding unicorns bareback through a magical meadow while ice cream truck music plays eerily in the background.  Cut to reality, and you'll see me slightly drooling with a stupid grin on my face.  I'm not really a left-brained type of person, clearly.

Our Professor was Val Christensen.  He was retired but had come back just to teach this class, or to make my life miserable, but I digress.  He was a serious man.  Super serious, never cracking a smile, never making a joke.  He loved Chemistry.  Isn't that enough of an explanation?

I took this class with one of my favorite friends, and roommates Candace.  She was the only reason I ever showed up to class.  After a semester of barely passable grades in this class, it had come down to one week before graduation and finals week.  I had to pass the final to pass the class.  We're talking D minus guys... I know what you're thinking, I really aim high.  Perhaps to make matters worse, I had really smart friends.  Smart friends who also had good work ethics.  You'd have thought that would have rubbed off or something, but no, I was a world class procrastinator who could not be swayed by positive peer pressure.  

Okay, so back to this final.  Candace helped me study.  We made flash cards.  She quizzed me.  I learned approximately 61% of the material marginally well.  I. was. ready.  

I went in, took the final.  I leave feeling like I'm going to pass out.  My mom calls to tell me everyone (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), are headed to San Diego for my graduation this weekend.  I feel sick.  Do I tell her now that I might not actually be graduating?  Or should I just head south to Mexico now?  Is is plausible to just fake a graduation?  Could I just borrow a cap and gown and meet up with them afterward?  What?  You didn't see me or hear my name called?  All of you?  Why weren't you paying attention?  

 I wait until the next day when I can visit good ol' Val during office hours to see what my grade is.  I beg for Candace to come with me, I just can't do this alone.  We wait in line outside his office door.  Finally, he calls us in.  For what seems like three years, Val adds up my grade.  Not on a computer, but in a paper grade book.  I told you this guy was old school.  The anticipation is too much.  I start to feel light headed.  I'm going to puke, but I don't.



I passed.  The clouds part and angels are singing.  I am truly overwhelmed with joy.  I'm laughing and crying and the next thing I know... I'm writhing around on the floor in front of Professor Christensen praising Jesus out loud.

I really don't know how long I carried on for, but when I finally realized what I was doing, I stopped and opened my eyes only to see a horrified old man and an even more horrified Candace staring down at me.  At this point, my senses return and I have no idea how to gracefully get up off the ground and get the heck out of there.  I quickly jump to my feet to tell him thanks, only to see he is smiling.  Like laughing at my foolishness smiling, but smiling none the less.  

We high tail it out of the building and burst into hysterical laughter at what just transpired.  

You're welcome Candace, for being witness to me completely losing my marbles.

In case you're wondering... yes, it was my equivalent to this spectacle:

Friday, July 6, 2012

10 Things That Take Up My Week
... because I'm too lazy to write a real blog post

1.  Working on creole lessons  
I felt like a rock star after the first two lessons, then was quickly slapped with the reality of listening to a conversation in creole, at regular creole talking speed, and realized, holy cow, learning another language isn't for sissies.

2.  Making doctors appointments 
There a whole lot of shots coming The Crazies' way, and they are trying to convince me that contracting typhoid might be the preferred route over getting a shot.  They will not win this fight.  Also, does anyone have any advice on how to get a prescription filled for a year at a time?

3.  Booking flights
Visiting family, meeting our niece for the first time, getting on a boat, eating as much fresh caught fish as we can handle, long talks with good friends, saying our 'see you laters'.

4.    Referee-ing
 I'm just trying to fill our days with free activities, and trying to get the big kids to just stop quarreling with each other about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

5.  Resigning  
Gary put in his resignation and his last day of work will be July 31st.  This is exciting and scary.

6.  Planning. 
 Researching and gathering supplies for Krull Academy.  Getting ready to be a homeschooling family.  This should be interesting...

7.  Laundry 
I'm not kidding when I say that I spend about two hours a day on laundry, about five days a week.  We don't have a washer right now, so "doing laundry" includes driving it to my parents' house and back several times a day.  Still easier than the hand washing that is to come!

8.  Meetings... or, "Reyinyons"
 Did you see how I just working in a little creole there?  Meetings with leadership at the church, via skype for creole lessons, emailing people for Haiti stuff, phone meetings.  Lots of planning= lots of reyinyons.  

9.  Words With Friends
I'm new to this party.  I'm a word nerd and this game is really addictive.  It's like scrabble for cool people.  So yes, this takes up a portion of my week.

10. Sleep
Did you know that having a toddler sleep in your closet isn't conducive to sleeping past 7:00 am?  Sleep takes a chunk out of my time, but not nearly enough if I have anything to say about it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wow. Just Wow.

You guys!  Seriously!  We had the best time on Friday and Saturday nights co-hosting the Night Out For Haiti.  When I say co-hosting, I use that term very loosely.  Gary and I merely showed up.  Our friends Andy and Julie really stepped up their already awesome game and hosted a two night in a row dinner for over 80 people.  All the donations that came in from these fun nights will be used for moving expenses next month (!!!) when we leave for Haiti.  Thank you thank you thank you sweet friends, and also to the many mouths that feasted.  Your generosity astounds me.

 Andy and Julie:  
The only two people on the planet who can get away with calling Gary, "Gare Bear"

 Julie's little known skill:  Expert Caricaturist.  
Check out Gary's sweet beard and me doing the robot.