Sunday, August 3, 2014

Heard Around the House: July 2014

You know that one commercial that depicts a dad going school supply shopping with his kids.  Dad is gleefully riding the cart down the aisle while the kids mope along behind him.  As a teacher, I never could relate.  I loved summer vacation and mourned its end.  However, now as a stay at home parent with a ten week summer break,  I can. not. wait. for. the. end.

Did you know that bored kids want to eat all the time?  Did you know that boredom often incites the most obnoxious levels of sibling fighting?  Did you know that bored little girls will begin to use their regular clothes as dress up clothes and nearly double the amount of laundry a family normally produces?  Did you know that the glory of summer break for a seven and nine year old wears off around week four?  

So basically, what I'm saying, is that most of what I've "heard around the house" during the month of July is lots of "I'm bored" followed by "I'm hungry", with an obscene amount of screaming mixed in to drive me sufficiently crazy.

But.  They're cute, so let us just focus on that for a few...

Presley:  Mom come here!  My poop looks like a weiner dog without a head.

Presley:  Mom, will you love me even when I'm a grown up lady?
Mom:  Yes, of course, I will love you forever.
Presley:  Then what color purse are you going to give to me when I'm a grown up lady?