Friday, September 30, 2011

Heard Around the House {September Edition}

Buddy Boy:
 "When PK turns one, how come we won't call her an 'old-born'?"

"Mom, you're not exactly my favorite mom.  You're like number one, but I like lots of other moms."

"Can I have more goat.  That was scrumptious."


"Mom, you know in the olden days there were bad guys called syrup and french fries.  And also, chocolate sauce and magnets."

"I love Jesus.  He's like my favorite guy."

{after telling Gary that we were going to 'kill two birds with one stone' during errands...}  "Then, we're going to cook them, and eat them."

...And this gal, well she doesn't have much to say yet.  She did get so stinkin' filthy this week eating lunch that I had to put her in the tub fully dressed.  And she was just so pleased with herself.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He Sets the Orphan Free

Many people are praying for this sweet boy, Moses in Haiti, to find loving parents.  If you or someone you know might adopt this precious boy, please {go here to read more}.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weird Dream

We arrive in Haiti, only to be immediately escorted to a hotel, in which we are forbidden to turn on the lights once we reach our room.  Oddly, I'm okay with that.  We climb into bed, and as I drift off to sleep, Sasquatch suddenly opens the sliding glass door from the patio and peeks in.  I scream, he runs off, I go to the door to see where he's going.  I lose sight of him, so I casually go back to bed. Gary is still just laying there in bed, soundly asleep.  Typical.  I can't seem to fall back asleep because the air conditioner is cranked up and freezing me out.  I get up to turn it down, only to awaken, in real life, standing in the hallway trying to adjust the thermostat.

Weird weird dream I tell you.  Also, my first experience with sleepwalking.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blame Her

This little cutie may look innocent, but she's just been crowned World's Worst Napper.

In case you're wondering, naptime was my break time, my blogging time, my Sweetpea time, my crafting time, my non-baby wearing time.  But alas, she has thrown this out the window with the not sleeping...that and her constant need for love and food.

An update on our moving plans...

Gary and I will be traveling to Haiti in October.  This trip was originally planned for September.  We hope to begin looking for housing and schooling for the kids, visit a few of the areas we'll be serving in, and such.  Our house has a few offers on it, definitely a good sign, but we're not packing yet... not until it's a done deal.  We still don't have an exact move date, and that seems to be driving everyone nuts except for us.  Let's just say "Spring 2012" for all you type-A's out there.

Gary was forced had the pleasure to film a short video that they played in church on Sunday about the big move.  He said he did NOT want to watch himself up on the big screen because he felt like he didn't even know what words were coming out of his mouth.  I have to tell you, as one of the hundreds who got to watch his video debut... God must have shown up during editing, because he did a great job.

This weekend, we'll be attending the Serve the World dinner at The Grove, where we'll feast on treats from Liberia, Malawi, Thailand, and Haiti.  Rumor has it that we'll be serving up a real live (dead?) goat a la' Haiti.  Yum.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Barefoot Sunday

This past Sunday was one of those days that remind me of why I love Sundays so much.  And I love the community of people that make up my church... flawed, broken, loving, caring people who are not perfect, but love Christ.
It was Barefoot Sunday... an annual tradition at our church when you where your best or most favorite shoes, and leave them behind to be shipped to Liberia, Malawi, and now Haiti.  Then, you go home (or to Chipotle, in our case) barefoot.  The premise is not only to give shoes to someone who actually needs a pair of shoes, but also to experience the discomfort, and maybe even shame, of being barefooted.  We, along with some great friends, headed to Chipotle after church.  The asphalt in the parking lot was hot, it is Arizona you know.  It was every man (or child) for himself as we literally ran into the restaurant with burning feet.  It did feel a little embarrassing charging in with four adults and seven kids, all sans shoes, to a non-hillbilly dining establishment.  It probably got a little worse when I had to take Sweetpea into the ladies' room... bare feet and public restroom floors.  I'll let that sink in for all you germ-a-phobs.

Let's face it, a pair of shoes will not change some one's life when they receive them, but it is a simple act of love, of kindness, God's love.  Thousands of pairs of shoes were collected that day, and I pray that lives will be changed because of Jesus Christ, for the giver and receiver of each pair.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Step Closer

Last week, our house officially went on the market.  The good news is, our house has already been shown about a bajillion times.  Although I love a clean house, trying to LIVE in a perfectly clean house with three children is just about the most work ever.  I have also had to vacate the house a lot during the day.  We've made a lot of trips to Target, wandering her aisles hour after hour, so at this point, even Target is loosing it's appeal... a fact that I once thought was impossible.

Maybe if you're as nosy as me, you're curious about what other people's houses look like on the inside.  So, here's a peek.  Oh, and it's also to document my clean house, because that folks, is also a pretty newsworthy event.
Family Room


Dining Room/Playroom/Office combo

Buddy Boy's room

Hall bath/Master bath

Girls' Room

Master bedroom

I'll be thrilled when we make it over this major hurdle!!!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heard Around the House {August Edition}

I love how God gives children the gift of being really really funny, because there are times that it is some great comic relief, relief from their naughtiness.  I sure do love these crazies.  Although I think my kids say funny things everyday, these are some highlights from August.


{to the baby}  "Get out of my room, this isn't childcare."

"Mom, do you know why my fingers are so cute?  They're magical."

Buddy Boy:
{first thing getting into the car during pickup from school}
"Natasha tried to kick me in the bowls.  What are bowls?"

"Dad, how did Darth Vadar get electrocuted?"

"Kisses" (pinky promise, this gal's first word is kisses, which she says often, then kisses her babies or stuffed animals.  She's kinda stingy with the Mama and Daddy kisses, but will lay a nice juicy one on her brother as often as he'll let her)
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