Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard Workin' Man

When I sent my kids outside, they were fully dressed, and dry. But what did I expect, really, when the temperature outside at six o'clock was still in the 105's, and dad had the hose on?

Here's our hard workin' man cultivating the soil for "Krull Farm"... we're going to attempt our own little organic farm to provide some fresh produce for our family. Who knows... maybe it's preparation for a full-fledged farm someday. I could be this farmers wife.

"Farming" or gardening even, is pretty tricky here in the desert of Phoenix. This season might be some trial and error. I'm so excited to start though, and really appreciate the amount of work and research Gary has done to prepare for the September 1st planting cycle.
These two Crazies are pretty excited too.

About one minute after this picture was taken, a full fledged monsoon storm started up. Monsoons are pretty much my favorite part of Arizona weather. I love them. And Gary was pretty appreciative of this one too, as he stayed outside and finished the job in the coolness of the rain.
So I'm curious. At home "farming" seems to be a trend right now. Do you have a family garden, and what do you grow? What part of the country are you in? If you live in the southwest, please pass on any tips you might have!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sunday I celebrated the anniversary of my birth. 32 years. I feel so blessed to have more than what I always hoped for, and still dreams left for the future.

While I'm not generally a fan of getting my picture taken (especially when it is 110 degrees outside, my hair has been in a perpetual ponytail since The Worst Haircut of My Life , six months ago, and I'm sporting the king of all sweat mustaches... which incidentally, my future sister-in-law recently pointed out that I'm slightly obsessed with sweat mustaches). However, for the babe of unknown gender, this picture of mom on her birthday at 30 weeks with child will go in the baby book.

After a delightful morning at church {I LOVE church!} our little family headed to Joe's BBQ for my free birthday lunch. It was savory and delicious.

We headed home, where I spent three glorious hours taking a guilt-free nap. Then we met my parents at Benihanas for dinner. Delish again! I think all adult birthdays should revolve around delicious food.
Even better, we had a leisurely two hour dinner where The Crazies were 100% entertained by someone more skilled than I (although now my children want me to make the choo-choo onion volcano, and flip shrimp tails into my chef's hat. I'm working on it.)

A delightful day indeed.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

In Case You Care

Update on My Personal Horror... perhaps worse than I anticipated actually...

I got to the lab, and the nurse insisted I drink up IN the waiting room, which incidentally was FULL. I asked if I could PLEASE have some privacy to drink, as I have a tendency to barf with this test. She said no. I tried, and guess what. I puked with an audience of about 20.

It was awesome.

I was so embarrassed, and felt horrible for all those poor people who had to see my ugly cry, smell the puke, and hear those horrendous sounds. Sorry, blame mean nurse. So... I get to try again next week. I'm thinking of having a talk with my doctor...

On a more pleasant note, head over to Skinned Knees to see what I'll be up to this week. I'm so excited!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Big Secret

...At least it is a secret I try desperately to keep from all new acquaintances. I am pretty good about not sharing, even hiding it until I finally feel like I can trust you. So here's the thing... today I'm pretty desperate. The thought about what is going to happen tomorrow makes me want to curl into a ball and cry. I would choose numerous other forms of torture, before choosing to go through what lies in wait for me tomorrow. Some examples of torturous experiences that I would rather have include strutting my stuff down the sidewalk in my neighborhood stark naked, eating a live insect, watching The Wiggles (or Dora, or The DoodleBops, or Calliou) all day long for 24 hours straight, plucking my nose hairs out one by one, or even perhaps a root canal with no pain relief. I. am. dead. serious.

My number one phobia in LIFE is fruit. Eating. Touching. Smelling. No... I am not kidding. Let's get a few common queries out of the way, shall we? Yes, every kind of fruit. Even strawberries. Even watermelon. And yes, even tomatoes. Even fruit flavored things. No, nothing tragically fruit related ever happened to me. Yes, it's always been this way, ask my mother.

So, what so catastrophically horrendously heinous is going to victimize me tomorrow in all its fruity splendor? Three words people: Glucose Tolerance Test. If you've never been pregnant, the horror of week 28ish is the test for gestational diabetes. Let me offer a little glimpse into my personal hell, the forgotten level of Dante's Inferno, if you will. You have roughly 3-5 minutes in which you must ingest 10 ounces of thickish orange crush flavored syrupy "beverage", wait an hour, then get a blood test to see if your body is processing glucose properly. If it is, hurray, you can go on living a normal pregnancy. If it isn't, you might have gestational diabetes, in which case you get to do the procedure all over again, only you fast for several hours beforehand. Super.

This is my third pregnancy. I have never had gestational diabetes previously, but my doctor insists that I do this test again. I don't want any harm to come to my baby, or to me, so I will cooperate. However, I'm not going down without some choice words. Let me re-cap my previous experiences with this test.

#1, pregnant with Buddy Boy: My doctor is kind enough to give me the drink to take home to "chill", she says this helps with the taste. A few days later, one hour before my appointment. I gather the courage to commence sipping. Dry heaving ensues. Mascara running down my face as I moan, "Oh Dear Jesus please save me... Oh God... Oh God... Help me..." This was not sacrilege, I was literally praying. More dry heaving. Glance at the bottle, 1/4 down, 3/4 to go. More crying. More crying. Plugging the nose, 3/4 down. Barf-o-rama. Down the last ounce, hope it's enough. Blood test inconclusive. Repeat above one week later. Results negative.

#2, pregnant with Sweetpea: Same nice doctor willing to give me the drink to "chill" at home, Science has progressed, this time two flavor options, Cola and Orange. Before I know what I've done, the word "orange" comes out of my mouth, I'm handed the bottle, and am shoved out the door. Begin kicking myself in the parking lot asking my own dumb self, "what did you just do?!?". A few days later, one hour before my appointment. I gather the courage to commence sipping. Dry heaving ensues. Mascara running down my face as I moan, "Oh Dear Jesus please save me... Oh God... Oh God... Help me..." More dry heaving. Glance at the bottle, 1/4 down, 3/4 to go. More crying. More crying. Plugging the nose, 3/4 down. Up-chucking. Down the last ounce, hope it's enough. It was. Results negative.

#3, present day: New doctor, very strict. It isn't an option to get the drink prior, chill, and cry in the privacy of my own home. This time I MUST drink it under the supervision of a nurse, then sit in the waiting room for the blood work.

If you're reading this thinking, "oh puh-lease, so pathetic, it isn't that bad", just know that I hate you right about now, and don't want to hear it. I have spent the last three years dreading this event. More so than actually giving birth. I have brainstormed how to get around being subjected to this level of torture, including freezing said "beverage" and chopping it into little pill size pieces to swallow, eating the same sugar/carbohydrate amounts in jelly beans or cotton candy, skipping the test altogether. Here I am, on the verge of a major meltdown. Less that 24 hours until not only facing the biggest phobia I can possibly imagine, but also enduring the humiliation of a 2 year old style tantrum breakdown in front of a nurse, including but not limited to: begging for mercy, sobbing, my infamous "dry-heave face" that Gary thinks is so funny, and the actual puking and then having to start over.

This would all be freaking hilarious if it were happening to anyone but me. Please pray for me.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Tradition

The first annual Krull "Back to School Celebratory Dinner" commenced this evening. I hope to start a new tradition to celebrate the return to school by letting our kids choose dinner, have a cake, and some decorations the night before the first day. Buddy Boy chose Teriyaki Rice Bowls as his dinner of choice, which I was very pleased about since they are so easy, plus healthy. A teeny tiny cake and some decorations, and a very... VERY excited Kindergartener, rounded out a delightful evening.
Snack is packed. Water bottle is packed. Backpack is ready. Bring it on Kindergarten. I'm going to be so bold as to go on record to say that I will not cry tomorrow when we drop him off. And if I do, I'm going to lie about it.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't Forget to Remember...

The Christina Hendrick Photography giveaway ends on Monday! Don't forget to leave a comment for each entry! Winners will be announced August 10th!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School Teacher Gift

After teaching first, second, fourth, and fifth grades for a total of ten years (yikes... can I really be that old?!), I have received my fair share of teacher gifts. This one is one of my absolute favorites! I saved it with every intention of making my own to give Buddy Boy's teacher when he started Kindergarten. Well, the time has come. My baby boy starts Kindergarten next week. I thought I would share in case anyone else wants an awesome gift to so thanks to their child's teacher, or to celebrate the start of a new school year.

Pencil Can Vase
* A pack or two of pencils (super cheap right now with the back to school supplies)
* A coffee can (or other medium sized can)
* About a foot of school-ish ribbon
* Hot glue/hot glue gun

So Easy:
Just sharpen all of the pencils to the same length. Glue the pencils around the edge of the can with the points facing up. Tie a cute ribbon around the circumference. Add a bouquet of flowers. Brighten your teacher's day!

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p.s. Don't forget to enter the giveaway below for a family or newborn photo session with Christina Hendrick Photography. Winner announced on August 10th!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom Bleach T-Shirts

Despite the horrid temperatures outside, we ventured to the patio to create our own custom bleach t-shirts. We were hot, sticky, and smelly by the time we were done, even though we were outside for a mere 15 minutes. So, enjoy our finished product, but go here for a beautiful picture tutorial on how to make your own. We altered the instructions a bit for our own purposes, choosing some clip art over initials, and I used contact paper instead of freezer paper.

This was such a fun project! I purchased Sweetpea's purple shirt on clearance at Target for $1.50, Buddy Boy's navy blue on clearance at Target for $2.00, and his gray one at the dollar store.

In the tutorial that I read, it had a disclaimer: "This requires very attentive adult supervision and responsible kids that are obedient and good listeners". And let's be honest... my little darlings didn't get the nickname "The Crazies" by accident. I had visions of The Crazies going squirt crazy on me, with bleach... the nightmare ending with a visit to the E.R. because of bleach in the eyes. But alas, they were very obedient, no one ended up maimed, and they loved their new t-shirts!

I was so inspired, that I finally tackled a task that has been on my to-do list for a year: tags for the toy bins! I used all scraps that I already owned, a turquoise blue linen leftover from a project my grandma made. After cleaning out the toy room, I divided the goods into new categories and made a tag for each bin. I used quite a hodgepodge of alphabet stickers, that incidentally made a cool ransom-note-ish effect, then sprayed with bleach. I sewed each piece onto a felt rectangle, and finally attached snaps to both the tag and the buckets. The tags are now interchangeable, and cost merely $5.00 each, the cost of the toy cubes at Ikea.

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