Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Tis the Season

I adore receiving a handmade gift. I adore giving a handmade gift. Nothing is more personal and special. Last year I made The Crazies these little monster pillows. They love them and sleep with them every night. Sweetpea calls hers her baby, which is a little weird.A group of girlfriends and I got together bringing scraps of ribbon and buttons, corduroy and stuffing, and to assemble little monsters for our wee ones. It was such a fun Girls' Night, and we all left feeling rather productive. I paired the monsters I gifted with a monster book to add to the theme. One of my friends daughters used hers as a tooth fairy pillow. If you have ever sewed, this project would probably be rated "easy".
1) put your two pieces of fabric right sides together and cut the outline (no need to use a pattern, you really can't screw this up... any odd shape is a good monster shape)

2) On the front, sew on your eyes (the more mis-matchy the better, layer them even), nose, and pocket mouth
3) Pin the ribbon "hair" in place (remember to pin it towards the inside of the pillow, because you'll be flipping it inside out and want the ribbons on the outside eventually... I messed up the first time!)

4) Sew pieces right sides together around the outside to make the pillow, leaving a couple of inches open to flip inside out and to stuff it.
5) Stuff to your little heart's content, then hand stitch it closed.

6) Voila! Now monsters in the room at night will be a good thing!
I'm searching for a few good gifts to make this year, do you have any suggestions? :)


Amanda said...

Getting added to my to-do list! I will have to hit up the scrap bin at the fabric store! Thanks!

Hailey said...

We have a monster pillow and we love it!

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