Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gallery A La' Krull

I love love love a good shadow box, but I'm really not too fond of super traditional ones. I saw pictures of an artist's exhibit of her personal memorabilia in shadow boxes, and just fell in love with their eclectic, modern, and nostalgic feel. I took some things from around our house, and created our own little gallery of memories.

1) I took a ton (well, 48 or so), of those flat clear marbles and modge podged faces of family members on the back. I used up a bunch of those reject photos, from the non-digital age mostly, that had at least one "good" face on it. Then I traced the small circle around it, cut it out, and modge podged. I then hot glued them into a square.
2) I used a cute picture of The Crazies, mounted it directly onto the glass of the frame from the inside, then mounted several pairs of the their sunglasses onto foam core as the background(a couple I supplemented with party favor glasses, still cute, but I had to at least leave them each with one useable pair!)
3) Goofball is in his impressionist phase of artistry, so he so graciously allowed me to frame this masterpiece. Next, I hot glued the actual water color paint box to the front of the mat that came with the frame. The paint was just about gone, so it would have been trash anyway.
4) Sweetpea, my own self-appointed princess, posed with a gaggle of her many necklaces. I used an exact-o knife to cut her out of the picture, mounted her directly to the glass on the inside of the frame, then filled up the shadow box with most of her necklace collection. Bonus, they are now not strewn about the house, but contained in one adorable piece of art.
5) These two photo-booth picture strips are from our blissful dating life. We actually used them on our wedding invitations too. I took the strips, headed to Kinkos, enlarged and color copied them. Next I cut them out carefully, spray-mounted them to black foam-core, and hung them from the inside of the shadow box at the top with small ball chain links and eye-hooks.
Maybe I'll add more boxes over the years, maybe not. But I just love how they turned out!
p.s. The frames were pretty affordable, because I got them from my favorite place to buy frames :) FYI

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Jingle said...

These are super fun! What a great idea!

Arreguin Family said...

Pretty much the way I do crafts is to copy something that someone else did. I have a hard time thinking things up all by myself. So please take it as a compliment when I tell you that I will probably copy the ones with the necklaces and sunglasses!

Adam's Blankie said...

such a great idea! thanks, michaela! will add to my list of "to do" projects!

Christy Hendrick said...

you are a genius - where do you find the time and creativity?! I love them!! (totally going to copy them too)

Crystal said...

those are SO great!! what a great twist on an old idea. :) thanks for stopping by!

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