Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Here...

Still here.  Still pregnant.  But at least I'm graciously waiting for this sweet little one patiently with no complaining, right?  (You really think calling out a 10 month pregnant woman on this lie is going to end positively?!  I don't think so.)

My doctor assured me of medical intervention if I have not delivered this baby by Saturday.  So I wait.

In the meantime, I've kept busy:

1.  organizing the pantry and making new labels for it
2.  going to the library
3.  enduring contractions, that aren't "real" but certainly feel "real"
4.  preparing for Grandma's visit
5.  cleaning
6.  laundry
7.  walking
8.  delegating jobs such as installing the car seat and assembling the stroller to Gary
9.  catching up on this season's episodes of Teen Mom, a guilty pleasure indeed
10. baking
11. celebrating dealing with my 3.5 year old transitioning to no naps (super timing there, a week before we have a newborn in the house... )
12.  not sleeping

I hope that the next post I write is with exciting baby news.  Girl?  Boy?  Our household votes are split down the middle, and I'm so excited to find out!

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