Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Official Announcement, Part Two

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Later that Sunday evening, I was working in the garage.  Gary had finished putting the Crazies to bed, and joined me.  We were both silent, because we knew.  He said, "so we're going to Haiti I think".  Was Palmer even serious?  We agreed to bring it to God and then go talk to Paul Gunther (Missions Pastor at The Grove).  We waited about a week.  I think I rollercoastered through every emotion possible.  Honestly, it was mostly sadness, grieving the "loss" of what I thought my life might look like.  Yes, I still felt sadness even though I know we're following God's plan.  Other emotions included fear and excitement.

The next week Gary went to talk with Paul, to get a feel if this was really even a possibility right now.  It was.  The following week Gary and I met with Palmer and Paul.  I got the feeling at first that they were a little skeptical, were we really serious?  They must have a lot of people from our church come to them and tell them they want to move to another country, but never follow through.  We shared our hearts.  They were very encouraging and excited at the possibility, and we left with a short term plan to next meet with the mission board.

We told our families our plans, our hopes.  There were mixed reactions, mostly positive, some non-descript, like they were still processing this information and didn't quite know what to think.  We waited a month until the mission board was scheduled to meet.  During this time, we didn't really tell anyone, besides family and close friends, about this possible move.

Last month we met with the mission board and are now prepared to move ahead.  We have several things to work on before another meeting next month, then Gary and I will travel to Haiti in September for a short trip, my first trip to Haiti!!

Have you noticed there is no definitive move date? That's because there isn't one yet.  We will share more as we learn more, so please continue to check back to the blog for updates and prayer requests.  If you'd like to subscribe so that you will have automatic notifications we the blog is updated, you can click on the follow button to the right (if you have a google account, follow on the top option, if you have a facebook account, follow on the bottom option under "followers").

So that's where we're at today.  We get a lot of questions, many of them similar in nature.  We'll post some answers to the frequently asked questions soon.

And lastly, THANK YOU for all of the encouraging comments, emails, facebook messages, and voicemails.  It has been so uplifting for us and we feel so supported already.
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