Monday, February 13, 2012

Nothing To Show For It

Do you ever feel extremely busy, yet when someone asks what you've been up to, you honestly can't think of one darn thing, and have absolutely nothing to show for it?  Yeah, that's what I've been up to.

As for Haiti happenings... we're still in waiting mode, which is okay but uncomfortable.  We're ready to stop talking about it and get going already.  I hope to share in the next week or two the new news, and hopefully our fundraising plans.  In the meantime, we're taking a class called Pathways to Global Understanding... probably as exciting as the name implies.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  The reading so far is a little dry, but the content of the class should be really beneficial in the long run for our work in Haiti, or anywhere else we might end up in our lifetime :).  The class is once a week for three hours.  I like to pretend we're on a date.

Everyone told us short sales take a long time.  I didn't really believe it until now.  We put our house on the market in August, got an offer two weeks later, and it just fell through two weeks ago.  The seller backed out because the short sale was taking too long.  Frankly, I don't blame her.  Waiting for over five months with zero progress and no end in sight is pretty redonkulous.  On the bright side, we showed the house for two more days and got three new offers!  We weren't ready to move just yet anyway, and a successful short sale has to start somewhere, so we're staying positive.  Yay optimism!

We've been getting ready for V-Day.  So I guess I do have something to show for our busy-ness... four dozen freaking Valentine's day cookies.  I started strong, but four hours later, at about 11:30pm, I almost started crying because why in the world did I think this was going to be fun?  Those kids better stop and admire those little gems before inhaling them...

And The Boy and I made these cuties for his class.  I think they're darling.  I'm also pretty pleased with myself because I convinced Noah to bring back friendship bracelets.  I regaled him with tales from my youth back at good ole' Rover Elementary School, and the mass hysteria over trading and giving friendship bracelets.  I said, "Wouldn't it be cool if you started this trend at your school and pretty soon everyone was wearing, like ten of these?  It would be like Sillybands, but better."  Luckily, my boy is all about starting trends so he was easily convinced.

I've gotta run and get ready for class my date!
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Pamela said...

The cookies are so far beyond cute!!! What a lot of work.. I'm not sure how many first graders really do notice how beautiful a cookie is, but you and Noah know.... also how many will get the pun on the card attached to the friendship bracelets? We shall see. I love your creativity!!!

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