Monday, August 20, 2012

Tangible Signs

Let's just keep it real for a moment.  Life for us Krulls could be pretty darn weird right now, and in fact it is, but it is also pretty great.  There have been times during this last year that felt really lonely.  Friends and family, although they care, they haven't really been able to relate to the emotions and changes we  are facing.  It seems like during the past few weeks, God has really worked through people around us to remind us that He cares and loves us.  
Last night we went to church for a reunion dinner for anyone who has ever traveled with The Grove to Haiti.  It was such a nice time, ending with people who care about Haiti, and about us, joining with us in prayer for the needs we have in the next couple of weeks before we move.  Noah's church class teachers (one of whom has traveled to Haiti), gave him the sweetest gift:  a soccer ball signed by all the kids in his class, to take with him to play with the kids at Good Neighbor Orphanage.  Noah has been reading, and re-reading all the names all day.  He has been talking for months about playing soccer with the other kids there, so this was the most thoughtful gift, just for our boy.

As an aside... when I asked Noah to pose for this photo, I took several.  When we were finished, he asked to look at them:

Noah:  "I want to approve which one you put on the internet."

Aw man, I just love this kid!

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Tifanni said...

Too cute :) I hope you guys are doing well.

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