Monday, October 22, 2012

This Girl

Miss Presley, you are TWO years old today!  You are a little piece of sunshine, truly, and I am so glad God gave you to our family.  It doesn't hurt that Mama is your favorite, and you give me endless "kith-ez" and "huggies".  No fewer than four people cater to you daily.  You're taking after your Sissy's sweet tooth, and your Brother's wild streak.  "Prilly" dresses, Mickey Mouse, shoes belonging to other people, and the color orange are some of your favorite things.  You're pretty much just sweet sweet sweet.  And funny.  Really funny.  You have a huge vocabulary and always shock us with what you say and remember.  You've started asserting your opinion about what you wear, and it usually involves you picking out a dress and bow, then making the rounds to Noah and Daddy for compliments.  Oh boy, I'm not sure what this means about your teenage years, but you'll be getting lots of love and self-confidence from the first two special guys in your life.  So that means you won't have to seek that approval elsewhere, got it?  You are the friendliest little gal I've ever known, and you can get a smile out of just about anyone when you tell them, "Helloooooo".  Because of this, I hear by nominate you as the Krull Family Ambassador to all we come in contact with.

We love you Sweet Baby Girl!  Can't wait to see who you grow into this year!

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