Saturday, January 26, 2013

A First

My good intentions to blog regularly got derailed this past week, thanks entirely to a nasty little parasite called malaria.

Gary was hit hard, took some medicine, and after a very sweat filled week, he is as good as new.  Seriously, did you know how much sweat one husband can produce when enduring a fever for so many consecutive hours?  Let's just say, a very measurable amount.  It was rough, but he made it, and so did we.

On the bright side, because there is always a bright side, I learned to do several things around this joint that previously had been Gary's domain.  One, I learned to pump the water from the well to fill our cistern.  Secondly, I learned to change the water jug on the cooler.  Self-taught, thankyouverymuch.

We have a full week ahead of us, and are starting to battle colds.  The pain of a sore throat and headache pales in comparison to what Gary went through last week, so I'll just stop complaining right now.  I'll be back to update on several exciting things happening at Good Neighbor this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!
And... just because I think it's funny... we spotted this gem on the back of a tap-tap.  


Tifanni said...

Glad your feeling better. I love the Tap Tap. We have two pictures from our first two trips to Haiti, one year apart, of the TuPac Tap Tap. You gotta love the Tap taps :)

Rachel said...

Oh my word - I am glad you guys are on the mend!

And what a random thing to find in Haiti!

(Prayers for full and swift recovery for your family)

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