Friday, February 8, 2013

Ask. Ask Now.

Okay, so there are lots of reasons why I write this blog.  I mostly want to share what God is doing in our lives, what life is like in Haiti, to keep in touch with friends and family, to share with people who may not know about the loving, powerful, and redeeming power of God, to keep a record of funny things my kids say, to document our lives, etc. etc.

I really want to share what we're doing here, for no other reason than it really doesn't belong to just us, but also to all of the people who know us, pray for us, who support us financially, and maybe just people who are curious.  Some call them lurkers.  Whatever.

So I'm throwing this out there...

If you have any questions for me, for us, for our kids... please ask.  I would love to answer them in future blog posts.  Questions about the ministry of GNO, Haiti, homeschooling, math.  Just kidding, please do not ask me about math.  You can leave your question in the comments section below, or email us at garyandmichaela {at}

Seriously.  Please don't leave me hanging out here with zero questions.  Then I'll just feel rejected and lame.  Okay, maybe my self worth doesn't hang on this, but seriously... 


Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela! I'm curious to hear the story about how your family decided to go to Haiti. Also curious about how you chose the ministry organization you did (or how you ended up at the certain orphanage that you did.)

Leah Wolf said...

Here is what I would love to hear blog on :)

Life in Haiti as you have experienced thus far, what is something that has been:

- the scariest
- the most difficult
- the most fulfilling
- the most surprising
- the most beautiful
- the easiest

could be anything! i love reading about you guys and am praying for you!

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