Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heard Around the House: October 2013

An Original Poem, by Noah

Fall is wonderful
Fall is grand
When Fall is here its a wonderland
All the leaves, the joy never ends
We must be thankful for the fun nature lends

Presley, reading a book with a pull-up on her head, like you do.


"nectarinas"-  nectarines
"parrots"- pears
"the woodens"- the woods
"amen"- the end
"sparklers"- sprinkles or glitter
"beanie bag"- beanie (hat)

Presley, on a hike:  "My legs are no use!"

Noah, after visiting the Principal's office at school 
(I feel the need to include he wasn't in trouble):
"Now I'm not scared of her... I looked around her office and there was more than five pink things.  There's no way someone with that many pink things can be mean."

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Tiffany said...

Oh this post is making me ache for the midwest! I miss Wisconsin and the "small town" feel!

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