Monday, June 30, 2014

Heard Around the House: June 2014

Noah:  I had the BEST dream last night.  Grammy and Pappy were farmers and lived on an island far away from here that was an island farm.  We were flying on a private jet to visit them and jumped out with parachutes.  Then we floated down and had deluxe omelettes for breakfast.

Cousins in May... in an apple orchard... jumping

Presley to Noah and Mylie:
Did you guys know I'm allergic to ninjas and poison berries and stuff?

Mylie's first sewing lesson... she did so much better than I expected!

While looking at our wedding pictures...
Presley:  Was I invited to your wedding?
Me:  No, you weren't born yet.
Presley:  So you didn't want to invite me because I didn't have a face or skin or eyeballs or legs?

Noah's half birthday celebration at Too Talls ice cream shop

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Pamela said...

Oh, my word, I had to go get Pappy so he could read this post. We both laughed hysterically. Love the parachutes, omelettes. Now if I could only find an island farm to buy... How funny is the comment about not inviting Presley just because she had no skin nor eyeballs... Very select group was invited! Mylie seems young to start sewing, but that is Mylie!!!! A girl ahead of her time...

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