Monday, September 29, 2014

Heard Around the House: September 2014

Noah:  Mom, do you know where my panda pencil is?  I want to take it to school today so I don't have to use one of those chewed up ones with holes in the eraser.

Mom:  You do know that on the first day of school, all the supplies are new... right?

Noah:  Yeah, but I want to be prepared for the apocalypse... the school supply apocalypse.

Presley:  Mom, can we go to Hawaii?

Mom:  Sure, I'd love to take you to Hawaii someday.

Presley:  What's in Hawaii?  Are there guardian angels there?

at Uncle Michael's house

Presley, handing a fake lizard to Mylie:  Here you go Sissy, I found this on the massager thing downstairs.

Mylie:  What massager thing?

Presley:  You know, the flat thing where mom massages the clothes.  (aka, the ironing board)

Go-Kart-ing with Uncle Michael

Presley:  Mom, do you want to know something you haven't knowed yet? (aka, can I tell you something?)

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