Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Autumn, it's Been Too Long

So after three, count them, THREE consecutive days below 90 degrees, I am officially welcoming Fall into our little desert oasis. How I've missed thee...

We've also been busy, so for your viewing pleasure, let me recount for you our week in pictures...

Sweetpea and I had a Starbucks breakfast date while Goofball was at pre-school. We feasted on pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice fraps (well, milk for SP). Autumnal treats were fabulous and the company was in a good mood (a.k.a. no appearance from her psycho terrible-twos alter-ego who isn't very pleasant).
I made a fall-ish wreath for our front door. I always said I would never be one of those people who decorated for every season, especially wreaths outside of Christmas time, but I caved. And I love it. There, I said it.
$4.00 worth of supplies and some trinkets from around the house, not too shabby.

Here is Goofball, quasi-modeling the robot shirt that I made him. He is faking a smile and draping the shirt over him was the best compromise I could get from him. He's really been on the couch all morning watching Nogin with a 102 temperature and cough. Poor guy, he really had higher hopes for Fall Break.
Here are The Crazies waiting for Grandma at the airport. Yes, they are sitting on the disease ridden airport floor, probably soaking up swine flu, don't judge.
When Grandma comes, we get ice cream. It's a good night for all!
We were there too. Here's a rare shot of me and the Mr.
And here's my Fifth Grade class. They are posing in front of the set they made for their short play "Tall Tales from the Wild West". They rocked it, and I am proud!


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Pamela said...

Way too much fun going on in Chandler... The wreath looks great. I may commission you for Thanksgiving???!!!! What could you do for $15.00???? Your writing/commentaries are so clever.

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