Friday, January 22, 2010

Lost tooth, twice

So Goofball's bottom two teeth had been awfully wiggly this last week, so last night we decided to try to pull the wiggly-est of the two. We pulled and pulled, even trying to lasso the darn thing with dental floss, with no luck. I made Goofball promise not to lost his very first tooth while he was at school today, because then his very sentimental mom would miss the monumental event. So he lost his tooth at school, of course. To top it off, he lost it! After it fell out, he told the teacher's assistant (who is a very sweet young woman, but clearly doesn't understand the erratic behavior of my pre-kindergartener!), and she told him to PUT IT IN HIS POCKET! Well, he didn't. Instead he wanted to show the entire class what they too had to look forward to. And now it's gone. I pulled myself together upon hearing this tragic news and am now composing a letter to the tooth fairy explaining this whole debacle.

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