Friday, July 9, 2010

Odds and Ends

I thought I'd catch up on some blogging while listening to the sweet sweet sounds of my second born as she screams herself to sleep. Did I mention this has been a regular occurrence for 14 months now? No? Why yes. She does interrupt the common screams with wall kicks and eloquent interjections such as; "You've got to be kidding me?!", "I don't like rude people and you are rude to me.", "Jesus said not to be mean to me." (my personal favorite), and the occasional "You don't love me anymore." (a glimpse into the teenage years and manipulation tactics?). I did video tape her once, in the hopes that one day I could laugh at this madness, and also for proof.

But I digress... crafts and some early onset nesting have commenced this week, and I do feel I've been quite productive (relatively speaking).

Finally hung up the summer wreath. Isn't it lovely? I wish I could take credit for it, but alas its someone else's brilliant idea. My friends Summer and Marleau's sister got married last year in New Zealand and made these as wedding decor. They found shells and driftwood and made these beauties. I just happened to be the lucky recipient of one, adding a ribbon in my favorite color, and now get to enjoy a little bit of the beach here in the desert.

Finishing up a special gift for a special cousin. My friend found this cute little scrapbook at a store in Iowa, all I did was church up the cover a bit and filled the insides. I found the idea for the fabric flowers here, and pretty much went overboard and made a plethora (bonus points to anyone who can name the obscure movie I learned this word from as a kid, anyone?!) Last do-it-myself pedicure on these size 11's while I can still semi-reach my toes... Sidenote: Does anyone else out there have a crazy long second toe like me, or is it just me and a girl I knew in college?

Also, I got a new bike because my husband rocks. It is the most awesome bike I've ever owned, in my most favorite color. I love it. It is a wee bit sad however since I really can't ride it for several more months. Don't tell my doctor, but I did take it for a cruise around the cul-de-sac across from our house. I picture myself going to the market (I don't ever call it that, but I'll start, because it goes so much better with my bike), to bask in the sun on the patio of my favorite coffee shop (which is Starbucks, but I feel this bike is better suited for an independently owned hipster joint, which I'll be in search of), and to the beach (which, I admit, will be one heck of a long ride). I'm hoping to get a basket for this sweet ride for my birthday. So "Sweetpea" (I always put her name in quotes when she is acting like a heroin user in rehab) is still at it. I must go intervene as I hear her trying to disassemble the mini-blinds.

Happy Friday :)
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Hailey said...

GREAT bike! GREAT wreath! GREAT flowers! GREAT toes (and I have the same bigger 2nd toe issue myself! - as do all of my children!).

woolies said...

LOL, crack me up.


Nicki Vasile said...

Are you talking about Melissa's toes? I have the longer second toe as well (on both feet). It's a sign of being a genius. That's what my parents have always told me....Love your blog. Hope all is well with you!!

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