Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TV Crack

I am a recovering TV addict. It's true. I love to watch the news in the morning as I eat breakfast. I can't seem to relax at night until that final Office re-run at 10:30. I'm officially in TV addiction rehab, and I'm... shall we say..."in mourning". What prompted this self-imposed prison you may ask? God (darn you convicting holy spirit!). I'm sitting in church a few weeks ago, and the message was all about simplifying your life, putting first things first, and not overly-complicating your existence to distract from your true purpose on earth. I sat there for the first half, feeling pretty smug, almost proud if you will. I was basically thinking, "hey all you other losers, he's talking to YOU!" Gary and I purposefully try to live simply; we own one car, pay with cash to live debt free, yada yada yada... Then it hit me (cue thunderous voice from Heaven above...) How about simplifying your use of TIME moron... you are addicted to TV... how could you better use your time? What are you teaching your children? Is what you are watching influencing you and your family more than God? Oh jeez. I knew for a fact, what I had to do, and boy did I not want to obey. It was a serious internal war. Seriously. It's only TV right?! How hard should this be? Luckily, I have a very supporting husband, who does not share in my addiction, so he lovingly canceled our cable... thus leaving us TV-less.

Honestly? It sucks. I can easily give up TV in the morning. Daytime is also supremely easy, because I was busy being a mom and we didn't sit around all day being couch potatoes. You know when it is the hardest for me? After the kids are in bed. I LOVED curling up in bed to watch my favorite shows while I painted my nails, or in the family room next to Gary as I scrapbooked, or even layed out in the dark to just totally relax. It was delightful.

Now, after the kids are in bed, it is just... quiet. I've read a ton of books (my most recent, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak... a can't-put-it-down-its-that-good kind of read), indulged in some action (I admit it, I love words, I'm almost word-snobby at times), and I am constantly doing laundry (like not a day goes by without at least one load, as in there are never dirty clothes around as they go straight into the washer).

But I think I missed the point here for these first few detox weeks without my TV crack. I gave up my addiction, to spend more time with my Creator, just to avoid Him once again. So tonight, when The Crazies are slumbering and I am wondering how to fill this void, I'm going to give my time to God and just be still. God help me.

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Brock and Lisa McKeown said...

You are too cute!!! I feel your pain, It is so easy to get wrapped up in that dang TV. A few months ago I started turning it off after I got my fill of the morning news. It's been so nice just like you said, to have the calm, quiet.
Now I just need to work on my husband, talk about addicted!

Hailey said...

Good for you girl! We gave up the television when we had children and our life is so much better. It's hard though. I am a t.v. junkie at heart, but ultimately I love my life more without it. I do have to admit that when we went on our vacation last month by ourselves I sat and watched the television for an entire DAY with all those channels at the hotel!

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