Monday, April 11, 2011

I Counquered My White Whale

So this will be the post where I share about Creative Estates.  Just to get you up to speed, if need be... Creative Estates is a conference for bloggers and small handmade business owners and such.  As luck would have it, it was held literally five miles from my house.  I would have been a fool not to go.

So here's why I didn't want to go...

I have ENORMOUS anxiety when it comes to social settings where I know no one.  Like, I kind of wanted to cry, throw up, or run away as fast as I could, and possibly all three at the same time.  It has only gotten worse over the years.  My desire to go, however, overpowered my fear, and I pressed on.  This is progress people.  I even mingled.  yikes.

But here's why I wanted to go...

To learn from the best of the best, and to experience a conference atmosphere that before now, I had only read about on other blogs... and to conquer the elusive white whale of stepping outside my comfort zone ;)

Some funny things that happened, otherwise known as me being in over my head.  Day one, I sat down with a table full of ladies I had not met before (besides my friend Kari of Adam's Blankie), and everyone simultaneously whips out their business cards for a swap, as well as their smart phones.  Everyone starts swapping cards.  Pan to me... "oops, I didn't bring any."  I start scribbling my information on scraps of paper.  Super Ghetto.  Sweet.  THEN, everyone starts asking what each other's twitter handle is.  Pan to me... "I'm not on Twitter."  *crickets chirping and blank stares*  Then literally an audible gasp, with offers to sign me up immediately.  Then I brought my stalking full circle and introduced myself to a couple of my favorite bloggers who were at the conference (thanks Erin B., Heather, Erin E., and Laura for being so nice!)

I'll sum it up with some pictures, all of which I stole off of the Creative Estates Flickr feed and Facebook page because, why yes, I am that super lame and didn't even bring my camera.

{The Swag}
Headband by Craftee McGee, Letterpress notecards and envelopes, Pick Me Up scrapbook tool, modge podge and glitter paint, Bookmark by Hoot Designs, Business Card holder by Taradara, Necklace by The Vintage Pearl

001 Creative Estates Cupcakes
{The Cupcake Table}
sponsored by Decadent Delights, styled by The TomKat Studio
2011 Creative Estates Conference - Inside the Creative Business2
Panel discussion with Kim from TomKat Studio, Erin from The Vintage Pearl, Ashley from Lil' Blue Boo, and Shey from SheyB 

A group shot at the Inspirador in Chandler

So next year when I go, I know that I'm going to love it, and I'll be way more prepared so I won't be such a loser imposter.  Seriously, I need to get my stuff together.
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Natalie said...

Love your blog! You're halarious!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like an amazing experience... I would totally go (err, think about going... ummm... think about THINKING about going?) if I had an interpreter to crash the party with me! Oh, and if I were creative and all that :)

I don't have Twitter or cards either - but you've got a rockin' Etsy shop! :)

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