Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Randoms {and an update}

Gary and I will be traveling to Haiti next month.  Our goals while there are to begin looking at housing and possibly schooling options, as well as traveling to Lespinasse to visit Pastor Felix.  We will review the building plans with him for the new church and community center.  Maybe we'll also get approval to start building.  You know how it's all complicated and stuff in the U.S. to build?  Purchasing land, zoning issues, permits, code compliance, contractors and the like?  Well, I've been told that all we must do before building begins is get approval from the town's mayor or head person, then a verbal okay and handshake are sufficient.

Architect Jack DeBartelo and Pastor Felix (far right), dreaming up the new church home

I'm also trying to begin to start coordinating my family's attire for family pictures.  In a normal family picture, I attempt to style us with what already exists in our closets, only to get frustrated and go into a frantic last ditch effort hours before we are set to go, then resort to wearing something that instantly I am disappointed in.  This is really vain and super lame, I know.  I am determined to have a picture that I LOVE.  But here's my conundrum:  our picture will not only serve as our Christmas card pic, but also as the family picture that gets plastered everywhere as the "support this missionary family" pic.

So, requirements for the 2011 Krull Family Picture are:

1.  make me not cringe out of embarrassment for not losing those 15+ pounds that I promised myself I would lose

2.  Capture all three kids adorable-ness (that one's a piece of cake)

3.  Receive Gary's approval

4.  It can't be too polished or flashy ("support this super high maintenance family, they're going to be 'missionaries'"... not the impression we're trying to give)

5.  It can't be too tattered and pathetic ("support this poor martyr missionary family"... also not the impression we're seeking)

6.  I want it to be colorful, and unique

This is kind of a lot of requirements of one simple family picture, don't you think?  I'm also mildly ashamed that I'm putting so much thought and energy into this.  Not ashamed enough to keep it to myself and not post on the Internet, but still.

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Katrina said...

I love you. Your family will look perfectly missionary in whatever you choose! :) I'm praying for you daily and I look forward to watching and reading about your adventures with God and your crazy family!
Love you

Alycia Covington said...

Is it sad that I would have hired a photographer to do it and we would have needed to go through all the collars Murray owns till I was happy with such a picture?? (Seeing as those are the only outfits he can really work with without seeming like we are the weird dog owners that dress their dog in clothes) BUT No worries you always get the CUTEST pictures of the fam!

Pamela said...

At least the material you have to work with (all 3 of them plus you and Gary) are of superior quality!!! Anxious to hear more about Sept. 17th. Curious about Pastor Felix... would love to know more about him also..

Mr. Martial Arts said...

Great blog! Love it!

Rachel said...

So very exciting!

And I agree with Pamela's opinion! :)

TDM Wendy said...

So I am just jumping into your blog (from Larson Lingo comment) but you are moving to Haiti!?? Crazy awesome. My friend's dad recently built an orphanage in Haiti through our church. If you have any questions I am sure he would help you. Just email my friend's hubby (who is on staff at church, in charge of missions and has been involved in Haiti stuff).
Hope that helps!

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