Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heard Around the House {August Edition}

I love how God gives children the gift of being really really funny, because there are times that it is some great comic relief, relief from their naughtiness.  I sure do love these crazies.  Although I think my kids say funny things everyday, these are some highlights from August.


{to the baby}  "Get out of my room, this isn't childcare."

"Mom, do you know why my fingers are so cute?  They're magical."

Buddy Boy:
{first thing getting into the car during pickup from school}
"Natasha tried to kick me in the bowls.  What are bowls?"

"Dad, how did Darth Vadar get electrocuted?"

"Kisses" (pinky promise, this gal's first word is kisses, which she says often, then kisses her babies or stuffed animals.  She's kinda stingy with the Mama and Daddy kisses, but will lay a nice juicy one on her brother as often as he'll let her)
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Rachel said...

Ohmygoodness - "childcare", ha ha ha!

And poor parent who has to explain the "bowls" thing!

Too funny!

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