Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Pin A Day {3}

If you're just catching up, we're spending Buddy's Fall Break knocking out at least one activity or project from Pinterest every day during his break from school.  Catch Day 1 and Day 2 {HERE} and {HERE}.

Today, we stamp painted with okra.  It was very easy, with about 30 seconds of prep work.  You need about 4-5 pieces of okra, cut in half or thirds and some tempera paint.  Buddy Boy thought the stamped shape looked like a soccer ball, and Sweetpea thought it looked like a flower.  I voted for a wagon wheel, but I think we're all right.
The Crazies had mixed reviews of this project.  It was just okay.  Buddy actually stopped midway through the painting to catch up on his written correspondence with his soon to be cousin (be expecting a letter soon Aunt Katie!).  Sweepea went the distance and painted two pictures.  She loved it.  My conclusion:  it was great for a four year old, but left a busy six year old (boy!) in boredom with the desire for more action (which he later found climbing the walls, literally, in our hallway).  It was super easy though, so I didn't feel like I put a whole lot of effort into something that only lasted about 30 minutes. 
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Jessica Johnson said...

how cute is this??? the only time i will ever touch okra for sure. ;) definitely going to try!

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