Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nice Little Wednesday

Today I spent an absurd amount of time wiping down all the walls and doors in my whole house.  This fact both fascinates and repulses me.  It is truly a phenomenon that I was unaware of before having children.  All surfaces from three feet off the floor down is one of those dirty spots in the house that can easily be overlooked, much like baseboards and fan blade skuzz.  But then one day you notice it, and it's like OH MY WORD THAT IS SO FREAKING GROSS!  So I crawled on hands and knees around the house wiping all sorts of nastiness from walls, doors, kitchen cabinets.  How does this even happen?

And because I have the most thoughtful daughters ever... to celebrate our clean walls, they took the stack of magazines to be recycled and made confetti... then threw it at me when I was done.  Aren't they sweet?

I found these little felt heart Christmas ornaments on clearance for ten cents per pack of three.  I had the genius idea that we could do something amazing with them for homemade Valentines, but now I'm a little stumped.  Fresh out of spectacular ideas.  Help?

I went to the UPS store to mail a package and Presley kept pretending to give the UPS guy a high five, but then pulled her hand back at the last second a 'la "too slow Joe".  This happened about five times and the UPS guy fell for it every time.  She thought she was the funniest gal around.

It's naptime now for the littlest, and the middle and I are watching some Tangled... a nice little Wednesday indeed.

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Erin Burns said...

I bought those same ornaments - but tied them onto Christmas packages...Pinterest has to have some sort of felt heart Valentine you could use these for, no?

Love the magazine confetti. That is so something that would happen in our house. And you are awesome to see their true intention of celebrating your hardwork!!

AND - I was just gagging at the lower 3 feet of my house this morning. I believe a day on my knees is in the future. And I agree - I had no idea this problem existed before kids!

Happy Wednesday =)

Rachel said...

Oh I know what you mean about the cleaning! We're living with my mum at the moment and she has beautiful glass french doors...that have smoochy lips and grubby hand prints all over the lower 3 feet too! Cleaning them seems pointless at times...*sigh*

The hearts are so cute! You could make garlands? Or decorate them with glitter to stick on the front of cards? Pinterest?!?!

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