Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forward Motion

So you may have noticed that the top of the blog is different, as is the name of this blog.  Simmer down, I know you're worried that this is permanent, but fear not.  Sharon of Redbud Designs is going to work her magic design skillz and transform this into a beauty once more.

Until then... we're both going to need to deal with the wonky off center picture up there, and the totally lame-o blog name... m'kay?

While you're waiting on the edge of your seat for that day to come, why don't you help a gal out and come up with a really great name for this blog.  Seriously.  Krulls in Haiti?  Could that be any more generic? (please say that in your best Chandler Bing voice)

We met with the elder board from our church and received their official blessing and support to move forward as missionaries sent directly from The Grove church.  Let the fundraising and preparation commence!  We have support letters and prayer cards in the works to be sent out in the next two weeks, a lunch meeting planned for us to share what God is doing at the Good Neighbor Orphanage and church of Lespinasse, Haiti and how you can be involved, and a trip scheduled for the end of April.  Yay for forward motion!

Just when we begin to feel discouraged, God sent some well timed and tangible encouragement.  We expect to have an approval on the offer to sell our house this week and today, due to some not coincidental circumstances, Gary was able to meet a couple who just moved back temporarily from Haiti... who are full of answers to some of our very basic "how to live in Haiti" questions.  We are so excited to ambush them with our list of 100 queries!  Also, our partnership with the Good Neighbor Orphanage, henceforth GNO, is shaping up nicely and we're so excited to see what God is going to do!

If you would like to be included in our mailing list for future updates, you can comment here or email us at: garyandmichaela{at}

Happy Spring Break!

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Erin aka Penny Sue said...

Sign me up! I'm so excited to hear about the journey you're taking.

Anonymous said...

As if I need to leave a note to state my desire to be included on said updates, but, you know how I feel about rules! ;) so the pic turns up fine on my phone but the's like something I would come up with, after much thought I might add! So I'm excited to see the new genius when you unveil it! Sooo excited for you!! Lots of love from the mitten state, I just held up my hand to prove my identity!!! S

Christina Hendrick said...

I want to be on the list!!! :)

Rachel said...

Sign me up - pretty please!

Exciting to even be able to say that! :)

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