Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Happenings

Support letters have been mailed, there is no turning back!! ;)  We sent out over 100 letters to friends and family.  This was exciting and hard.  Exciting, because it is real, and we have begun the fundraising process to make the move to Haiti happen.  It was hard, because I suddenly feel very vulnerable to what others may or may not think about this whole thing.  And to put it bluntly, it is hard asking people to support us financially.  We are prayerfully waiting on God to see what He does with this whole thing.  I took the kids with me to the post office to help stamp all of the envelopes, then I took a picture.  Noah looked up at the flash, and said in his best 17 year old impersonation, "Seriously mom, we're just putting stamps on envelopes.  This is not a big deal."  Oh, but it is!
We have also planned a "Meet and Greet" lunch for April 22nd, to which YOU are officially invited.  I'm not too fond of calling it a "Meet and Greet", because many people attending we already know, but I'm not sure what else to call it.  We will meet you, and we will greet you.  We will also feed you lunch and provide childcare.  Oh, and entertainment... we will also entertain you.  That's a pretty hard invitation to turn down, right?!  So please come learn more about what our ministry in Haiti with the Grove will look like, and how you can get involved too.

Sunday, April 22nd
12:00 noon
The Grove
2777 S Gilbert Rd.  Chandler, AZ  85286
3/4th grade classroom (to the left if you're walking in from the front parking lot)

We have a moving sale planned for tomorrow morning.  Signs are made, items are priced, and we hope to sell it all, because it is not coming back inside the house.  Please come! 7am-Noon

 Email me for directions at garyandmichaela {at}

And lastly, and update on the kids' passport pictures.  Mission accomplished in only two trips.

 If Jason Bourne had a son, this would be his passport photo.

We were lucky enough to get a very nice Grandma employee, who got a picture of the wee one that was good enough for our government's approval, with no tears involved.

Mylie Mae?  Well, at least she's not crying in the picture... just before and after.  Poor girl is going to regret this ten years from now when she's fifteen and still using the same passport.

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Rachel said...

I could not.stop.laughing about the kids' passport photos... because we just went through a crazy drama to get Itty Bit's! You have great stories to share with them when they are older! :)

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