Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heard Around the House {May 2012}

This convo went down in the car on our way to church...
Mylie:  Mom, are you 64?
Mom:  No... thanks.
Mylie:  When will I be 14?
Mom:  In 9 years.  When you're 9, I'll be 43.
Mylie:  And then I can have a baby?
Mom:  I hope not.  No.  Not until you're a married grown-up.
Mylie:  But I can get Starbucks,  so that's good.

Presley:  Poo Poo {pointing}
Me:  {Following her gaze in expectation of horror... only to see she's refering to Winnie the Pooh}

So this is happening...
Noah: Mom, there's this girl Autumn at school.  She is really really really so so so pretty.  She's going to Junior High next year.

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