Friday, May 25, 2012

Hqppy Things

Happy Thing #1
Hummingbird nest with two babies at Grammy and Pappy's house
Mylie named them "Michaela" and "Uncle Michael".  "Michaela" flew the nest two days ago, while "Uncle Michael" seems content mooching off of mom for a little longer.  Seems to be a pretty accurate parallel to real life.  To be fair, even though the man Uncle Michael, not the bird, lived with his parents until practically his thirties, he did turn out to be a doctor, so at least there's that.

 Happy Thing #2
This Girl's Cheese Face
Oh my goodness, she is such a ham.  Between her now infamous "Mick Jagger Lips", to her rendition of The Beib's "Baby", to this cheesy face,  I just can't stop smiling at her funny personality.  Thank you God for a happy girl!

Happy Thing #3
Unending supply of moving box entertainment  
Is it wrong to let the girls sit in the box for like, let's say, an hour?  Because they do, and it feels heavenly

Happy Thing #4
This girl lost her first tooth!  
That little sucker has been loose all week, but what finally tipped the scales to get it out was a monumental temper tantrum while in time out.  It is amazing to me how she can turn it off in an instant to shout, "Hey, my tooth came out!"  

Happy Thing #5
Sweet Hipster Baby
This gal was intermittently awake all night with a fever, but she's still a happy one.  She gets her Hipster ways from her sister.

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Tifanni said...

I just found your blog and I wanted to introduce myself. We're the Watkins and we're planning on moving to Kenscoff, Haiti in Aug/Sept. I love your blog. Its so reassuring to know that someone else is traveling this same journey.

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