Monday, October 13, 2014

Seven and one half

Mylie Mae,

Happy happy half birthday.  For the last week, I thought you were turning eight and a half.  Blame it on my foggy brain, but I like to think it is because you have become so tall and smart and beautiful and responsible.  You just seem like eight and a half.  Alas, happy SEVEN and ONE HALF years on this special Saturday.

People who love you are starting to make predictions about who you might become some day.  Dad and I think you are a lot like April Ludgate.  Don't take that as an insult, because we really like her.  Uncle Michael thinks you will be a stunning beauty like {This Girl}.  You say you want to be a Veterinarian.  

Today you asked me to teach you multiplication, and I did.  Five minutes later, you pretty much had it and spent the next thirty minutes illustrating about 24 different multiplication facts.  You are just so smart at math.  

When you are mad or sad, you act very tough, but there is a tender heart under that armor.  If I give you my whole attention, you will open up and share your feelings.  I am getting better at that, giving you my uninterrupted attention, because I know you need it.  

In the last year, your baby teeth have begun to disappear and over sized teeth grew in their place.  A fact that a boy in your class rudely teased you about.  I was so mad that someone made you feel bad about your appearance.  I'm going to tell you the truth:  You are so beautiful.  Every person goes through an awkward phase, and you are lucky to be getting it out of the way early.  And not only are you physically beautiful, but you are so strong and smart and artistic.  I love the way you care for people and animals.  And although you have no ambition to play sports, you are so naturally athletic.  You run fast, throw balls far, and are so coordinated.  You are a quirky mix of tomboy and girly, but mostly tomboy.  Your wild hair makes me nuts, but I am really trying to let you be who you are without criticism.  That includes teaching you to brush that disheveled mop, but not forcing you to let me do it, even though I really really want to.We pray that your strong will might be an asset to you as you grow and face pressure from others.  

It all comes down to this, we just love you.  You take a lot of energy, but we know that the investment in you will pay off as you grow into the woman God designed you to be.  You are a blessing to us now, and will be a blessing to us then.  You are so so loved.


Pamela said...

My precious, precious Mylie...!!!!!! You are so amazing, so loved, so smart, so artistically gifted, so athletically gifted..... but best of all.... I love it when you give me a hug!!!!!! You are so important to me.

Anonymous said...

Mylie, you are not just beautiful outside (obviously) but lovely inside. I wish you lived next door to us in Oklahoma City so we could take walks together.
Aunt Pittypat

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