Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cat's Out of the Bag

Finally I can share the excuse why I HAVE NOT...

1. kept up with my blog lately

2. cleaned my house

3. done laundry

4. returned emails

5. returned phone calls

And why I HAVE...

1. been so sleepy

2. been so sick

3. been so cranky

4. let my kids watch hours on end of mindless cartoons

5. relinquished any and all family responsibilities to my poor Gary

Yes Ma'am, that there is Baby Krull #3, due to make his or her appearance in October! So, I'm sure many of you are relieved that I have not just let myself go and become one mega slob... just a couple months of constant ever-present extreme nausea... no big whoop.

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Got It From My Mama said...

Congratulations! A baby is a little miracle (but the nausea if rubbish). Keep well

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

yay! So exciting!!

Erin said...

Big congrats Michaela!

Arreguin Family said...

Been a long time since young married's with no kids! You were first with #1, first with #2, now first with #3...I don't think we can keep up anymore! Congratulations to you guys!!!! I wonder what Crazy #3's code name will be!

Adam's Blankie said...

Congrats, Michaela! I was certainly suspicious, and now it's confirmed! How exciting!!

Megan Bowman said...

Congratulations, Michaela!

SUE said...

Soooooooooo happy for you Michaela!!! ♥

Hailey said...

Wonderful! Just read all our blog posts!!

PettiBear's Fashion Roar said...

Congrats!!! Great blog :) Great name (my hubby's name is Michael :)

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