Thursday, March 11, 2010


After Seven years of home-ownership, we're finally getting grass! We have been yard-less (that is, our yard has just been dirt) the entire time we have owned our home. My poor deprived children have never been able to go out in their own backyard to play! Saturday it all changes, the sod is being delivered... let the slip-n-sliding, gardening, cookouts, rolling, jumping, merriment begin!

For some reason, the fact that we're getting the same kind of grass that they use for the Diamondbacks' Chase Field makes it just a little bit more exciting for Goofball (and me too;). Pictures to come!

I know, I know... this is probably only exciting to us Krulls, and possibly our close friends and family :)

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Got It From My Mama said...

I am feeling your excitement can't wait to see the "grass"

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