Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard Workin' Man

When I sent my kids outside, they were fully dressed, and dry. But what did I expect, really, when the temperature outside at six o'clock was still in the 105's, and dad had the hose on?

Here's our hard workin' man cultivating the soil for "Krull Farm"... we're going to attempt our own little organic farm to provide some fresh produce for our family. Who knows... maybe it's preparation for a full-fledged farm someday. I could be this farmers wife.

"Farming" or gardening even, is pretty tricky here in the desert of Phoenix. This season might be some trial and error. I'm so excited to start though, and really appreciate the amount of work and research Gary has done to prepare for the September 1st planting cycle.
These two Crazies are pretty excited too.

About one minute after this picture was taken, a full fledged monsoon storm started up. Monsoons are pretty much my favorite part of Arizona weather. I love them. And Gary was pretty appreciative of this one too, as he stayed outside and finished the job in the coolness of the rain.
So I'm curious. At home "farming" seems to be a trend right now. Do you have a family garden, and what do you grow? What part of the country are you in? If you live in the southwest, please pass on any tips you might have!

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