Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Tradition

The first annual Krull "Back to School Celebratory Dinner" commenced this evening. I hope to start a new tradition to celebrate the return to school by letting our kids choose dinner, have a cake, and some decorations the night before the first day. Buddy Boy chose Teriyaki Rice Bowls as his dinner of choice, which I was very pleased about since they are so easy, plus healthy. A teeny tiny cake and some decorations, and a very... VERY excited Kindergartener, rounded out a delightful evening.
Snack is packed. Water bottle is packed. Backpack is ready. Bring it on Kindergarten. I'm going to be so bold as to go on record to say that I will not cry tomorrow when we drop him off. And if I do, I'm going to lie about it.
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Renee said...

Don't cry about it. It is a rite of passage for Moms:)love ya

d3b...* said...

aww that's a great tradition. when i have kids i would love to have a tradition like that...*

Christy said...

What a sweet idea!! I'm sure it will be one they look forward to every year!

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