Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun With Felt {Garland}

I love felt.  It is cheap and easy to use, and I love color.  Here are a couple of easy ideas for some festive felt garland.  All you need are some basic sewing skills, a few pieces of felt, and a night or two in front of  your favorite movie.

{Felt Garland #1}  
  *  felt in your favorite shade (or shades), I choose glitter white
  *  a sewing machine, or if you don't have one or are feeling super ambitious, a needle and thread
  *  a couple paper template in two different shapes, pictured are a circle and diamond, duh

Step 1:  Cut out a plethora of the two shapes.  Mine are about one inch each.  I used four 8"x10" sheets of felt, which yielded about 20 feet of garland (more than I needed)

Step 2:  Sit down at your machine and make one long continuous stitch through the middle of the alternating pattern of shapes

Step 3:  Decide where to hang the hand-crafted lovliness.  I hung mine in the opening between our kitchen and playroom, where I will hang all the Christmas cards we get in the mail.  Done and done.

{Felt Garland #2}
Materials Needed:
  *  Felt in a multitude of  fun colors, the more the merrier
  *  Embroidery floss in just as many fun colors

Step 1:  Using a paper template (I traced the top of a mini-playdough container), cut out a bazillion circles

Step 2:  Sandwich two of the same color circles together and sew together using your choice of thread colors using a blanket stitch (use {THIS} tutorial to figure what in the world a blanket stitch is, and how to do it)

Step 3:  Use a long needle, with tape over the tip so it is blunt, not sharp... string emboidery floss through the middle of each felt sandwich to create the length of garland your heart desires. 

I love the look of this garland because it reminds me of candy, and I do love me some sugar.

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Erin said...

Curse you and your felt goodness that I really, really want to make but don't have time for! ;) That second garland is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen on a tree and I WANT it! I think I'm going to have to hire some elves this year.

Jingle said...

This is so stinking adorable!!! I love it!

Jaimee said...

Cute!!! I really need to do more crafting with felt!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! And HOW have I not seen your blog before? I love it!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

Just found you via Twitter! Love this & we love felt! I've been busy lately making lil things w/loads of felt =) I've been looking for a new garland too. thx for sharing!

Christina Hendrick said...

where in the world do you find the time??? You're amazing - and ridiculously talented :P

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