Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'A' List {a wish list}

I'm in full on Christmas shopping mode and plan to be finished within the next ten days.  Why?  Not out of being super organized, but out of necessity.  I'm not about schlepping my newborn in and out of the mall during what I hope will be a stress free December.  99% of my holiday shopping will be done online, mostly through Etsy.  I love love love Etsy, and I love the convenience of shopping at 3am (or 4am, or 5am, or 6am... get the picture?) while the babe and I are awake.  

I am often astounded at the talent that I find on Etsy, and love giving (and getting... hint hint) unique gifts (and yet my favorite store is Target, go figure!).  Here are a few Etsy treasures that I have had my eye on for a while. 
{Custom i.d Tag by Make your Dog Smile}

Dog I.D. tag, for the four legged family members... well, just the ones that are on the "nice list"... my parents have a definite "naughty list" pooch, who if it were up to me, would get a lump of coal.  If it were up to Gary, she would get the "anchorman treatment".  But I digress.  

{Break Out The /fat Pants, recipe cards by Not Moira}

The best recipe cards that I will gift to my brother and his bride... pretty much everything in this shop is unique and fun (and totally cool!)

{Decadence headband by Adam's Blankie}

I am smitten with this headband, and pretty much want one in every color for Babycakes. I am already planning her outfit for my brother's wedding in May around this gem.  The model is pretty darn cute too, if I do say so (yep... our sweet new Babe!)

{Wooden Memory Matching Game, Robot Edition by Lemon Tree Studio}

Total eye candy over this sweet gal's shop, but I especially love this Robot Memory Match game for Buddy Boy's stocking.  She has a super sweet owl set too, that I want for myself Sweetpea.

Get shopping!
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Adam's Blankie said...

love your picks, michaela! (especially the one from adam's blankie! :) i'm totally into those headbands for our sweet girl, too!) i definitely am going to check out that lemon tree studio, as well...i'm intrigued (and love natural, non/loud choices for the kiddos!). LOVE the "break out the fat pants" title -- i know someone who would really get a kick out of those!

SleightGirl said...

Those are great gifts! Especially the recipe cards!

Erica said...

I do most of my shopping on etsy too :)

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