Friday, November 11, 2011

Gift Guide With a Purpose {2011}

I am very much a non-technology person.  I don't have a cool phone.  I don't text.  I don't understand what in the world a gigabyte is.  But the one thing that I do like about these here interwebs, is that I can be a part of helping someone across the world, whom I will never meet, provide for their family.  The internet can help a person sell their wares to a huge global market, it expands the opportunity to earn money outside their own communities, and we get to participate.

Would you consider purchasing a Christmas gift that also gives back to someone who is working to provide life's basic necessities?  We all know that the CEOs of Target do not need more money.

I really love handmade.  The more unique and one of a kind the better.   Here is a short list of where we have purchased gifts this year.  I encourage you to read the stories about each company when you visit their websites.  And if you are in my family, prepare yourself to LOVE your gifts this year!!!

If you're local to the Phoenix area... you can pick this up at The Grove Coffee Shop

If you have another suggestion for a fair trade, socially responsible, place to make a purchase, please leave the link in the comments.  You can give a unique and amazing gift, and feel good about how that money is being used at the same time.
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