Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How about you?

The thing about having a passion for something, is usually one wants to share that passion.  And we want others to understand this passion, and adopt it as their own, usually.  Ever talked to a homeschooling mama?  Or a mom devoted to public education?  How about a vegetarian versus a vegan?  What about a passionate Harry Potter, Twilight, or Star Wars fan?  There are many things that others are passionate about, and I get it,  great for you.  Then when it comes to something I'm passionate about, I get all crazy.  I want to convince YOU why it should be your passion too.  Then, when it inevitably doesn't become something you're passionate about, I get all hurt and judge-y.  This is wrong, and I'm sorry.

I'm so thankful for a God who gives me freedom.  Freedom to choose what things in life to be passionate for.  I'm learning, through some great Godly mentors in my life, that these things that are important in my life, those passions of mine, must go through a filter of sorts.  Those things that take my time, effort, attention could be good BUT...

-  Will it lead to freedom, or to slavery?
-  Will it make me a stumbling block, or a stepping stone for others?
-  Will it build me up, or tear me down?
-  Will it only please me, or will it glorify Christ?
-  Will it help me win the lost, or turn them away from the truth?

and most importantly, Is it my passion, or is it God's passion?

So, what am I passionate about?  Loving those who are hurting.  Destitute.  Hopeless.  Alone.  Helpless.  And I can confidently say that I know God is passionate about this too, because God is all about love.

This puts me in a tough spot sometimes.  I know that this is a God inspired passion in my life, and He wants it for all who call themselves Christians.  BUT... it will look different in each person's life, and I have to be okay with that.  In a round about way, this is related to how I feel right now about Christmas, and more specifically... Christmas spending.

So.  I promise not to get all soap-boxy and judge-y.  I'm simply presenting my passion to you.  Take it or leave it.  Would you consider learning more about this alternative approach to the All-American Christmas Spectacular?

{Resources for Christmas Shopping that Gives Back from Rage Against the Minivan or a post I did a few weeks ago}

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Mel said...

I support small business (mainly Etsy or local) all year when I can and Christmas is one of the times I forget about it all and buy what I want. But I definitely love the idea of making a bigger effort this year. I especially want to embrace time rather than money and I'm attempting to hand make gifts for family and friends. It is definitely a worth while cause!

nic said...

love this. conspiring alongside you, michaela.

Rachel said...

Love your passion. Thank you for sharing it.

I'm making that effort this year too... and praying about where God wants that extra $ (because we sure do love our Morning Star babies too! :)

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