Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heard Around the House {November Edition}

"Mommy, you look beautiful... just like a pirate."
"I'll feel my bike's muscles.  Yeah, it needs air."  {... as in the tires need air}

Buddy Boy
{waking me up in my face at 1:00am}"Mom, what treat do you think I should have with my lunch tomorrow?"
This photo isn't from November, but it was too funny not to share.  Sign reads: "I Love Giselle?"
He went to a Diamondbacks game with the sole intention to declare his love for fellow first grader Giselle, who would also be at the game... on the Jumbo-tron.  And he did.  Sure enough, the cameraman spotted him, took pity on his plight, and gave him about 30 seconds of air time, every second of which he stood proudly holding his sign.  

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Kristina A. said...

So, Did Buddy Boy get the girl? I love it...your kids CRACK ME UP!!! ;0)

Rachel said...

Utterly grinning at that sign - how enchanting is that boy of yours?!? :)

And my bike muscles are flat too!

Thank you SO much for voting on our entry for Morning Star Foundation! I am praying for a miracle so we can give those babies a better Christmas!

Denise said...

*swoon* how cute is that!

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