Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heard Around the House: June 2012

Noah (showing me his lego creation)...
Me:  Wow, that looks great.
Noah:  It's okay, it looks kind of childish.
Strolling the zoo in a diaper... you know, just another Tuesday.

Mylie:  Hey mom, you're invited to my wedding someday.
Me:  Okay, thanks for that.

For the Grandmas:

Noah:  Mom, why does "Rex" hug people so much?  Is it a trick that "John" taught him or something?  He just won't stop hugging people.

(Note:  Names of both the dog and the owner have been changed to protect the innocent... and by the way, that was. not. hugging.)

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Rachel said...

Those are HILARIOUS! So glad you've been confirmed as on the wedding guest list :)

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