Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Lemmon

Another weekend, another check off the ol' Arizona bucket list... today we conquered Mount Lemmon.    Not literally, of course.  We did not climb the 6,000 feet of elevation in the middle of the Arizona desert, we drove.  But to my credit, it was a really winding road, with lots of bicyclists to dodge.
This place is amazing.  In the middle of Tucson, the middle of the Arizona desert, sits Mount Lemmon. If you drive up, it is a high desert forest with pine trees and cool weather.  In the winter, there are some pretty great ski runs.  In the summer, you can still ride the lift and it is at least 25-30 degrees cooler than Phoenix.   We had gorgeous weather, ate lunch outside at the Iron Door, treated ourselves to some homemade fudge, and rode the lift.  Every Krull loved the lift, except for one tiny lady.  I spent the entire, entire, 15 minute ride down the mountain trying to keep her from flinging herself off the lift and plummeting 20 feet to the ground, or throwing my sunglasses, or her water bottle, or her precious binky, or my backback, or herself again, off the ride.  I had a supermom death grip on her and every time we passed people who were on their way up, I had to endure judge-y stink eyes, because clearly I was trying to traumatize my toddler.  She did succeed in giving her pacifier a good toss, but fortunately I didn't let her jump.  Presley and I were the last Krulls off the lift, and Gary and the big kids had a good laugh at us while waiting for our lift at the bottom... they could hear us coming from her death screams.  I jumped off, handed the baby to Gary, and told him "I'll laugh at this in ten minutes, but not yet."  It's funny now, but it was the longest 15 minutes ever!

Aside from those terrifying minutes, it was a great day as a family, and I'm so glad we were able to go!  

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