Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here We Go, Again

Here we go again... moving.  Some genius booked a trip to California, a move, a trip to Michigan, a trip to Haiti, and another trip to California, with no time to catch our breath in between.  I am an award winning scheduler I tell you!  I should be someone's personal assistant.
So, this is what our home looks like once again.  This time, we're sorting boxes to go into storage, boxes to live out of for 10 more days, Goodwill piles, and boxes to send to Haiti.  I'll be thrilled to settle into one spot soon.
I'm so mentally worn out I don't even have the energy to object to this little hipster and her wacka-doo wardrobe choices.  It was 115 degrees out ya'll... clearly she needed the hat.

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