Monday, September 10, 2012

Calling All Donations

Hi all!  As we're busily preparing for the move, we have also realized that we're coming up financially short to purchase a vehicle in Haiti.  Having a vehicle will be a necessity for us, as we will be traveling to the orphanage almost daily, and also going up into the mountains to visit the construction project of the new church in Lespinasse.  Having a reliable vehicle to help us get from place to place safely is important to us.

We are organizing an online silent auction.  We want to make this fundraiser accessible to friends and family all over the United States, not only here in Arizona.  We would like to begin next week, but are still in need of more donations.  I would love to get donations from all you creative Etsy shop owners, small business owners, gift certificates, the sky is the limit!

If you donate something, I would love to promote your business here through my blog, as well as via facebook.  Please email us at garyandmichaela {at}, and I will send you more information.

Please pray with us that the money will come in, one way or another.  This is final piece that needs to fall into place before we buy our one way plane tickets!

Once we have it organized, I will post the information here for anyone interested in what is up for grabs! 

Thank you!!

Edited to add:  Go {HERE} to view the auction, runs from September 23-29

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