Monday, September 3, 2012

Final Countdown

The past month has been a whirlwind of sleeping in strange beds, eating out way. too. much.  Lots of driving and packing and unpacking and laundry.  In the past month, we have traveled to California and back, to Michigan and back, Gary to Haiti and back, to California again and back, and around and around the Phoenix area.  Good news:  Gary found a house for us to rent in Haiti.  Yay!  We are currently on the edge of a logistical free fall as we figure out how to get our selves and our stuff to Haiti.  We're navigating goodbyes.  We have lots of dinners and coffee dates mixed in with our regular stuff and our moving to Haiti stuff.  I'm tired.  Here's a little peek into our San Diego trip.  It was so much fun!  
 Presley's "Cheese Face" face has begun.  It happens to every child, and I think it's hilarious.  At times I just wanted a picture of her sweet face, but got this every single time.  
 My campaign to convince our children to pick my alma mater as their college choice began, starting with the soccer field that overlooks the ocean.  


 We totally did this, despite every one's resistance.  I may or may not have almost taken out a crowd when it was my turn to steer.
This was one of the best parts of the day for Noah... he LOVED the starfish!

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Rachel said...

I know God is working out the details for your move and for your life! So glad you are getting those special moments here and now too!

Cannot believe you are in the countdown!!!

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