Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seven Things

Here's a rundown of seven things from the last seven days...

1. We found this guy in our yard.
After consulting our tarantula expert friend, we found out that this is a Haitian Brown Tarantula, probably about 10 years old.  

2. We washed clothes by hand
A lot of clothes.  A lot.  I have a healthy respect for people who do this every day, for all the days of their lives.  This is a full time job ya'll.

3. We found a lot of these loud little suckers
Some were only the size of my thumbnail.  They are so very cute, and obnoxiously loud.

4. We celebrated Thanksgiving with about 60 other missionaries and expats from around the world all living in Haiti.
 Turns out if you get a bunch of Americans and put them in a third world country, they will still be able to scrounge up enough turkey and pie and potato dishes to make you feel like breaking out the fat pants when you're done eating.  

5. We waited patiently for our shipping crate.
Still not here.  

6. I made about eleventy million dozen homemade tortillas.
 You can't get tortillas in Haiti.  Oh the travesty!  Thanks be to Pinterest for saving the day.  They were so very tasty.

7. These guys arrived in Haiti from Arizona yesterday and are helping us buy a car and get our crate out of customs.  
They also served as mules, bringing lots and lots of treats from friends and Grammy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so encouraged by what you ALL are accomplishing. We continue to pray for you! love ya, renee

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for the update. I've been waking up about 20 minutes before my alarm in the mornings for no reason. Seems like I'm praying for you and your crate about 6 am PST most mornings. I don't know why the crate feels so important to me...maybe because our life is in such an emotional uproar right now that it seems like God should be settling someone else's life into a familiar rhythm. It may as well be your life. Glad to hear that you celebrated Thanksgiving and I hope your kids are finding a rhythm. And I hope you don't have to wash much more laundry like that. Looks tiring.

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