Monday, November 19, 2012

Wanted- One Very Important Box

October 24th

This was the last time we saw this important cargo.  This 4'x'4x'8' packs a hefty punch.  Packed tightly within the walls is nearly all of our earthly possessions;  pots and pans, towels, sheets, home school curriculum, toys, artwork, chairs, futons, odds and ends.  We are doing our best waiting patiently for it to be released from customs here in Haiti.  Looking outside of our high concrete walls makes it easier to wait.  Well... maybe not easier, but certainly offers a different perspective.  Our neighbor's home, which collapsed nearly three years ago in the earthquakes, still buzzes with activity.  We're not sure where they sleep, or how they go about living.  On the other side of us sits an unfinished house, one we thought was vacant for the first three days we were here.  It's not.  A family lives there, lives within barren walls.  Their children can still be seen playing in the yard, their life goes on.  

So here we are, 26 days later, still waiting.  Waiting on God to provide, waiting to start to get settled.  Waiting on transportation so we can buy groceries and drinking water.  Transportation so we can begin the work that God called us to Haiti to do.  It is very hard sitting in a nearly empty house, with no where to go.  We are wondering why God is having us wait so long.

We are not only praying for our crate to be released from customs and a vehicle to purchase, we're praying for God to reveal His plan to us.  We are praying for God to give us some direction so we know just what He wants us to do.  

This continues to be hard.

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Anonymous said...

I will pray for you as you wait. I will pray for your kids as they wait, too. I can imagine that every day must seem long and the future must feel so far away, just when you thought that you were going to start living your future. Thinking of you.

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